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3.5 in 30 on the TM; too humid for me outside. Didn't get to start until ten to 9; kept it short.
^ Wow.
^Is that code 5 for $93 also?
For $15, their stuff is worth it for everyday wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by furosemide What's the price point for DeLouice? He (Adrian Park) starts @ $500. I've gone with four suits from his $650 selection, and have received complients on all of them. This is, though, MTM with the garments being made in S. Korea. His bespoke service starts @ $1,800.
1. Always been very pleased with DeLouice on NorthAve. 2. The two suits I got from Nicholas Joseph are unwearable. Going with NJ resulted in a long and miserable experience.
Oh, and I'm 5'6", 42 chest and 31 waist, so I know yout pain.
For MTM, Adrian Park @ North Ave. and Wood starts @ $380 for a blazer or SC. The garments are made in S. Korea, but I just picked up my fourth suit from his place yesterday and always been pleased with the work. I get compliments on everything he's ever done for me.
Mine arrived the other day. I'm satisfied with the whole experience.
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