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Have a pair in dark brown, would not discourage you.
Kent Wang and Sonlegoman.
^^does anyone know where to find these other than ebay? Saw nothing on pediwear or shoehealer...
^I'm surprised to hear that; I've been pleased with him (excepting one unfortunate shirt sleeve-shortening experience). It seems you and I have had mirror opposite experiences with DeLouice and Nicholas Joseph.
I'm probably missing something obvious to the rest of you, but could someone point out the difference between the Loake Kempton and Pimlico to me? Been meaning to give Loake a shot and figured I'd start with a pair of chukkas. Thanks much.
I received mine yesterday, in brown chromexcel and I like them. Will be restricting them to casual wear, but that's just my preference.
Bump for a quality seller. Let me know when new patterns are available.
I'm wearing a pair of Clarks right now, which get a lot of use. I'm 5'6" and a 31" waist, and while I generally prefer a shorter rise, there's not enough room in the Milano thighs for me.
^ I don't care for loafers with a suit; just a personal preference. But I've never thought they look good with a suit in a professional environment, and tassled loafers, to me, seem incongruous to a suit irrespective of the setting. Plenty of guys in my office (public sector law) will sport loafers with a suit, but they tend to be of the older set and most of them would be delighted if the office dress code were business casual.
Can anyone tell me the width of T.M. Lewin ties? I presume 9 cm...
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