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I am considering the same, my only concern that the waist will stretch back again!
Anything you did to shrink the waist? The waist on mine stretched quite a bit as well, though the rest of the fit is good.
UB 101 33. Have stretched out more than I would like. May have to do a hot wash in the future. Thoughts on the fit? Should I have sized down?
Yay or nay? If nay, any alternative brown leather chukkas to suggest?
Kenneth Cole
Vans Verga. Opinions? Considering kopping the black ones.
^ Fantastic advice. Very true from my experience at least.
Out of topman,zara and uniqlo t-shirts, which ones have the most aggresive taper? Thanks
Considering getting one of these as a cheaper, similiar alternative for White CP Achilles. (Im a college student,yeah.) Any thoughts?
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