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+1. Anything?
FWIW I'd be in for this.
All sold
caution to deer?
Can anyone comment on the fit of V::Room hoodies? Are they super slim or TTS?
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude very VERY interested in this!!! can u hint to the brand ur working with? +1
price drops!
Can you do any pre-distressing? I am thinking something like this Cdiem: Also, can you do custom colors for the lining?
measurements up!
Eclectic assortment of pants, but priced to MOVE. Shipping is included in the US. No trades and no lowball offers. All pants/jeans have original factory inseam (except where noted). I am the original owner and have made no alterations. No rips, stains, smells, etc. Measurements coming soon. 1. Flat Head BSP size 33- SOLD I really should have gone with a 34. Only gave them a 20 min. cold soak, so there is tons of shrinkage left. Sick denim. Hemmed to 38" before soak. Worn...
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