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Henry Bucks sale has some nice Canali and Isia ties at not unreasonable prices.
Wow. Talk about kicking off a media shitstorm. Well done @thebrownman for raising awareness of your work.Unfortunately I had given up on Q&A earlier. Steve Price was giving me the shits.BTW I was in the CBD today stalking American Tailors waiting for their mid-year sales, when a young man at the 101 Collins St tramstop started chatting to me about my corduroy suit. It's an old 2nd-hand Canali suit I scored off eBay many moons ago. In any case the young man works at...
Any chance the guy wearing the light gray double breasted flannel suit with blue windowpane along with brown Double monks who was at the Collins/William St tram stop today at about 1:30 pm is a Styleforum member?
I'm watching Slow Train through Africa with Griff Jones on SBS now and I just saw 'Swenking' in action. I need to move to South Africa ASAP
I sometimes feel guilty that I'm not paying enough!
This is where Azzaro have got their Zegna and Brioni suits from :
BTW I'm at an Asian satellite conference and there is lots of interesting tailoring from our Asian visitors. Lots of linen/cotton mixes, patch pockets and soft construction. I think Asian scientists are generally dressed better than their Australian equivalents (myself excepted of course )
I wonder where he is sourcing his stock from?What do you mean 'Zegna again?' He's never stocked Zegna for as along as I've been going there (since 2009).
Op-shop suit fairy strikes again! My local op-shop delivered a light grey chalkstripe flannel suit. The jacket is unlined with canvas construction and very soft shoulders. Trousers are flat front and will only require small alterations. $40...giddy up. It's a Boss suit but its one of the best I've ever tried on.
BTW the suits aren't Made to measure, they are off the rack.
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