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Any chance the guy wearing the light gray double breasted flannel suit with blue windowpane along with brown Double monks who was at the Collins/William St tram stop today at about 1:30 pm is a Styleforum member?
I'm watching Slow Train through Africa with Griff Jones on SBS now and I just saw 'Swenking' in action. I need to move to South Africa ASAP https://vimeo.com/62142889
I sometimes feel guilty that I'm not paying enough!
This is where Azzaro have got their Zegna and Brioni suits from : http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/central/toorak-tailor-frank-marino-puts-final-seam-on-his-career/story-fngnvlpt-1226726164215
BTW I'm at an Asian satellite conference and there is lots of interesting tailoring from our Asian visitors. Lots of linen/cotton mixes, patch pockets and soft construction. I think Asian scientists are generally dressed better than their Australian equivalents (myself excepted of course )
I wonder where he is sourcing his stock from?What do you mean 'Zegna again?' He's never stocked Zegna for as along as I've been going there (since 2009).
Op-shop suit fairy strikes again! My local op-shop delivered a light grey chalkstripe flannel suit. The jacket is unlined with canvas construction and very soft shoulders. Trousers are flat front and will only require small alterations. $40...giddy up. It's a Boss suit but its one of the best I've ever tried on.
BTW the suits aren't Made to measure, they are off the rack.
I've tried it on. It's a pretty good suit full stop. At that price it's fantastic.
Cheaper than $600 for handgrade C&J?
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