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Is there a website where I can bet who will win the presidential election?
Yes, unless you are on bed rest or in space you aren't atrophying and you would need to be eating way over maintenance with shit hormone levels to gain significant fat stores in two weeks.
If for bodybuilding purposes it doesn't matter as long as it is consistent.
I'm literally doing the couch stretch as I respond. I do have to make sure I keep up with loosening the fascia in my psoas. Really has helped my have zero pain and no APT.
1&5 are seriously important. I had crazy hip pain from squatting and deadlifting on my left side. I took a long time stretching my hips multiple times a day, lacrosse balling my psoas and just reminding myself I need to be very patient. Now I'm pain free and back to lifting heavier than ever but have never stopped with my mobility work.
As long as you don't look like a total pussy most women could care less if you just bic your head.
So reporters just print anything without even considering how insane it sounds? no human on earth has 40 inch fucking arms.
Can you link this? I could have a lot of fun trolling some people with that information.
As a guy who is writing posts that don't take into account your rare disorder, fuck you.
Can you post pictures of your physique or lifts because this looks like some bullshit.
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