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Calories are way down for me since Monday. I found a form of cardio that doesn't bore me to death so that is definitely a plus.
How long have you been cutting?
How's everyone's cutting going? Anyone getting cranky yet? Any strategies you are using I can steal?
I know there is a website where you can basically buy m2m jeans. I forget the site, my friend swears by it and he's a pretty big dude.
Nope, suck a dick.
Stretch hips, buy bigger pants.
im not posting gay dude pictures in here but I have a bunch of gay fb friends who post pictures of their giant boyfriends, like 300 lb jacked gay dudes.
except in gay culture.
Way too many variables to say this. Someone who is 6'4 is going to have a much harder time hitting 1000 than someone who is 5'7.
Today was day one of me cutting. Thank god I went out with a bang last weekend.
New Posts  All Forums: