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Try pramirametam. It's not too expensive to experiment with.
Since I haven't gotten a single fucking non bro science bullshit answer I'm coming to you nerds (Conceptionist comes to mind). Now that I'm training more as a supplement for Bjj do you think I should largely abandon back squat for front, zerchers and single leg work? This is my gut feeling but I don't know if I'm not seeing an angle someone else who understands body mechanics would see.
I do. You aren't going to get a significant anxiolytic effect. As far as traditional nootropic effects they will work but if you need something next level I would be playing with pramiracetam. I liked pramiracetam while on it but tended to get headaches as it wore off.
Sounds like tight pec/ anterior Delt trapping a nerve. Stretch pecs and front Delt and do more back exercises.
On the opposite end of the spectrum I did 2 hours of bjj and then worked out legs, consequently I am fucking starving.
You need to eat and squat for around 5 years before you worry about cutting.
If you are training for hypertrophy do the exercises you feel the most for high reps, multiple times a week. Don't worry about bench #s
Did you figure this out from a journal where you measured macros or some website calculator?
I'm also 225lbs, not natty and extremely active
Man I'm 5'8 and i am drinking more than 1400 cals a day… although I have a few extenuating circumstances.
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