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Such meanies in this thread. I'm very triggered.
Yeah, you'd be about 100% wrong on that statement.
I don't know what my fiancé really has but she was diagnosed with FM. You know what literally wiped her symptoms out? Powerlifting. My theory is fibro is largely nerve tissue acting abnormal due to lack of regular acute stress, weak ligaments and probably just an unhealthy microbiome.
Pardon my non Doctor brain but isn't acute inflammation actually good for you?
I'm just throwing this out there, maybe you can find a good gymnastics coach to help you with the problems you have been having. Also, in terms of lower back tightness (I don't have disk issues) Jefferson curls have been really wonderful for me as well as a few other movements to open my hips, mid back and shoulders.
It definitely invalidates her from being an objectively moral liberal.
I just love this because she's such an outspoken feminist. What a great moral compass.
There was also the painful lesson Clinton learned from not securing an area you are trying to help i.e. Somolia.
On Long Island the greatest example is driving north from hempstead into garden city. It goes from housing projects, you cross a railroad track and the streets are perfectly lined with trees and large mansions.
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