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I have two choices, accept myself for who I am and lose or cut out all of the estrogen and use diuretics and feel like shit and still lose. Idk which one I'm going to do. As of today I'm off to get drunk off mojitos and eat barbeque because that's somehow the way we honor fallen soldiers.
They are both boring as fuck to do. Id rather watch someone play video games and I fucking hate watching people play video games.I do like seeing charlys progress though.
Pretend to bodybuild but eat Taco Bell crew checking in.
I think I got fatter since I started cutting so this is a bit embarrassing.
What's the name of the boxing gym you go to?
Man I flail around like an ass but it's definitely a great workout. Plus unlike other forms of cardio you actually have to learn technique and get better at it which is fun for someone who wants to challenge themself.
Why not swimming?
Here's a weird side effect. Only when I take jack3d I end up leaking cum after i piss.
You don't need any before pictures.
Lol I'm fucked. I have been eating straight garbage everyday.
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