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Lol my girlfriends dad can suck my dick. Her mom knows and is very excited so I'm all good on that front. This weekend I brought my girl ring shopping and now I know exactly what she wants which makes my life pretty easy.
Mine too but I would never want to be that big personally.
Yeah I think with the nutrition he's super careful since he almost died from some rare colon disorder or something.
This dude fucks heavy with jon meadows. Check out mountain dog style training.
No you didn't. You made an argument for full body training after i posted the flaws in the study as described by the man who actually conducted the study, who by the way advocates split style training.
You are literally arguing against the author of the study you just posted.
This would probably work she thinks you're hot.
Can somebody take my girlfriend off my hands for like 6 months? I'll pay you 1000 a month as long as she doesn't bother me until its cold out again.
New Posts  All Forums: