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I have used curcumin tied to a phytosome to some success since i don't trust NSAIDs but it wasn't as good as NSAIDs in terms of effectiveness.
My fiances uncle is a chiro who is certified in it but he's an old guy and I really don't trust he would have the same knowledge as a guy who works on bodybuilders. Check his Instagram @bodmechanic
There is one near me that works with all of the top bodybuilders and shit around here but making appointments is near impossible.
Yes, Gratson, typo. I just have insanely hard muscle fascia on my quads to the point where accupuncture needles bent last time they went down my IT band. I would like to fix that.
Ok rhet nerds, pros and cons of Gratson?
I split a half a Benadryl if I'm feeling allergies and I will go to sleep, wake up 9 hours later groggy as fuck.
It was but there were like 4 conversations going on at once. This thread can get very fluid. Also the juice is great but it's not the thing getting me up at 530 in the morning to get to the gym or keeping me from eating clean when I cut or most importantly keeping me stretching and watching my posture to prevent injury so I can keep progressing. It is great though and I do suggest using it to anyone who is willing to actually put the time in and research what the compounds...
I'm actually having a hard time understanding how you could keep your knees shifting forward when the load is around your clavicle, although when I do zerchers i keep my feet very close together and it's more similar to my high squat path.
There was an incident where i suggested cryotherapy to help a poster who was having chronic pain and i was told i have no idea what I'm talking about regardless of the fact I'm obviously doing something right and I literally use cryo weekly.
I'll probably lose a little less than 10% bf while gaining 5-10 lbs. this is probably the reason I get pissed when nobody listens to my advice in this thread.
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