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I believe @conceptionist may be willing to out you on a real good training and nutrition plan.
Why was it a hard period in your life? What is your training history like?
Is this a troll or real?
Lots of jiu jitsu here. Not getting to the gym like i should and i weighed under 200lbs for the first time in years :/.
It was still the right answer if you want to be strong.
Yes, increased hemocrit levels due to basically choking on yourself at night.
You could always develop sleep apnea for similar results.
Smooth operator.
I will attest that I have eaten an entire watermelon in a couple of hours and never noticed anything.As for arginine, if I take a supplement with a lot of arginine in it I literally have insane boners and overproduction of semen issues.
This is a thread for members to discuss bjj/mma/legit combat sports. My first post is for bjj enthusiasts. I scored a new shoyoroll gi for 200 dollars in my size when they usually go for 750-1000.
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