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The beginning of that ankle mobility video was basically a third world squat with the band holding you up so you don't fall on your ass.
@conceptionist. Going to try the ankle mobility stuff at the gym right now, i'll tell you how it goes.
It's definitely part of the problem but most of it is lack of mobility in the sagittal plane.
I have a pair of adipower 2s that helped 0%.
I'll check it out!
you are right on the money. Ankle mobility is one of my biggest problems and I can't seem to fix it.
Yeah I've tried it all. Lately I've been Doing pistols starting sitting on a platform with some success. When i cut down for the summer I'll probably ramp up legs a bit just for extra caloric expenditure. I really think the fact that I can't squat to parallel with a close stance is the issue I need to resolve. At the moment I can get like 60 degrees before I compromise form which is alarming.
I'm the exact opposite. I think it's because I squat so wide that this problem started. I have been doing a lot of mobility stuff and considering light unilateral exercises and glute bridges and then slowly trying to squat with a much closer stance but that seems like it will take a lot of mobility work to get down low enough.
Let me start by saying everyone should probably train legs. Personally My left hip started hurting really bad after a while and really ruined the fun for me. My legs still measure at 25" so they aren't stick legs but having a job where you pick steel up off the ground everyday it really fucks your life up when your hip is constantly in pain.Edit: here's my legs now.
Very short femurs. My legs are still pretty meaty.
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