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Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad You're not alone. My six-year old daughter is overcome with anticipation. It's very popular with kids, my 7 and 8 nieces even can't wait for the second movie to come out. I'm waitin for tv guide latest issue coming out probably as early as Aug 9. There some HSM 2 related stuff in the magazine, I know kids may love it too...
gosh! i guess im all alone, lol! thanks to google i think i'll just try to join this HSM 2 contest i've found here:
Who likes watching it too? I've seen the first one, it's good. Great songs too! I heard they'll be on the latest issue of tv guide this month? Any info about this one, anyone?
Quote: Originally Posted by gorgekko Burger looks good though. I have already tried the sandwich it's not bad. I really like the hot sauce on it maybe that is what gives it the taste.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian SD I thought this ad was pretty funny. And I was mezmerized for a bit by the woman in it. She's pretty. But she's kinda wiggles too much for me. Quote: Originally Posted by Jl24 I like =D Have you tried it yet the sandwich? Is it any good?
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad She talks too much. LOL. It sounds like you dont like the girl? what about the spicy buffalo sandwich have you tried it yet?
I like the look of their new burger ad... I find this ad more family friendly than their last Paris Hilton's burger ad. The girl here named Ashley talks about the burger too but in a nice way. What do you think?
It's Britney Spears, anything can happen. "Crazy" is the only word that comes close to summing her up. I lost interest in her a long time ago. Let her be herself.
I see, I can't believe he knocked him down with that one punch. I last saw Herring in action when he knocked out Gary Goodridge, can't really remember the event though. I hope he do good this week because I want to see a rematch of him with Cro Cop.
I found this clip from youtube and it looks hilarious. Imagine a guy giving a kiss to his opponent before the start of the fight! I know that it is really sickening on the part of the fighter who had been kissed...he didn't even take him out to dinner first.LOL!
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