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Was that English?
I'm kind of proud of it.
I made a midget rape victim cry. Pretty sure I ruined her life, and I ain't no prosecutor. Plus I exposed a group of jurors to 45 minutes of child porn. They were all crying and shit. Pretty sure that ruined their lives. Edit: shit, I thought I posted that. Didn't I post that somewhere?
Bullet to the brain?
Oh please, go home Miss Goody-Two-Shoes. Your left your EZ Bake oven on.
It goddamn well should be. If cops are going to use these weapons on civilians then civilians need to be able to defend themselves adequately. Disarming the civilian population results in cowering limeys or kangaroo-fucking Abos. No good has ever come from it in all of human history.
Do you review purveyors of used boys' athletic socks?
I would back Ethan here, but I don't know how old Finn is. If he's 50 or older I'd side with Finn.
You would write that.
New Posts  All Forums: