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Jaws 3 is awesome. The younger Brody boy is just driving drunk all over the place and everybody thinks it's funny.
Yes, it's the underwater sea-world one.I remember being terribly disappointed by 4 at the theater. The shark's only in it for like 10 minutes.
Yes. Again, just like with the fucking idiot who broke into my Jag-you-are to steal a bag of potato chips, he ignored the seven hundred dollar stereo and stole a bag that has no resale value (it was monogrammed) and just had a few law books inside. Fucking idiot.
Have the Jaws marathon on in the background while I'm shining my shoes. Jaws 2 was just terrible. Jaws 3 is coming up now. This was originally in 3D in theaters if any of you youngin's didn't know. Old school 3D, the red and blue paper glasses. It has Bess Armstrong in a starring role. Looking at her now, she is a handsome but not particularly attractive woman. For some reason 30 years ago when I saw this I had a real thing for her.
They get a 1099 at the end of the year. Independent contractor.
Dude, you know I'm right.
No, they don't.
None of those ladies were raped. Regret does not equal rape.
Fucking thieving savages, they should be crucified. I had a custom-hide leather briefcase stolen from my Jeep several years ago. Fucking assholes.
I prefer it when actors speak the actual language, if they are native speakers, even better. That's a big reason why I like that Mel Gibson Apocalypto movie. He had the whole thing in some dead language no one has spoken in 500 years..Authenticity matters.
New Posts  All Forums: