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Assuming he wakes up on time, he is snoring away in the hotel room as I type this. Sounds like a goddamn rhinoceros.Edit - Bisco has a very nice digital camera on the hotel table and he is passed out snoring. I am seriously tempted to go take a picture of my nuts on his camera.
I am of the opinion that Piob and I are the saviours of CE. It would be a wasteland without us.
Stepbrothers is goddamn hilarious.
No, I am much classier than that.
Billy Paxton has the singular honour of being killed by the big 3, that role in Terminator, Hudson in Aliens, and Detective Lambert in Predator 2.I actually met him once a decade ago, he's a really nice guy.
I thought the remake was kind of crap.
No, Jimmy, you should probably slit your own throat.
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