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I have found in my experience that Copenhagen is the preferred brand of chaw among southern ladies.
[[SPOILER]] I am in no way accusing Mr. Miller of plagiarism, but the movies are obviously identical and legal action should commence.
It earned $23 million as The Road Warrior and $10 million as Mad Max 2. I'm pretty sure it's clear which title the creators would prefer it be known as.
Eat all you like, L'incsy. Just sayin', a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the aorta.
I applaud your upholdence of standards of decency.
Did you get the originals? It's in that vein. If you don't like Road Warrior you won't like Fury Road. Perhaps it's because they have a special place in my heart but this one held up. It's not Road Warrior, but I'd place it above Thunderdome and perhaps on equal or slightly above Mad Max.
Mods, please. Let me.
Lol. He'd make a great King Lear, now.Also, saw Fury Road. The criticisms are true that Max is now a supporting character in his own movie. It's also fucking glorious in IMAX 3D.
HA! I did too. Plus Bullet in the Head.Remember, this was 1992, in Hong Kong, not some Hollywood production. They made this on a budget of $12 and a case of Ramen Noodles.
Rewatched Hard Boiled last night. Easily one of top 5 action movies. Possibly #1.
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