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Well written. PPPPP.
You're welcome.
Dear Christ, post more.
Is autistic a shape?
It has nothing to do with patriotism, patriots can go suck a dick. It's the only effective method to protect freedom from tyranny. There's a reason England and most of Europe have turned into a statist shit hole, they don't have firearms.
It's not incompetency, it's one of the few issues that free men push back on so we've been able to hold you communist statist fuckpigs at bay for a while. We must be ever on guard.Sorry, I thought you were an abo raping swine. Didn't realize you were actually part of the first world. Cheers.
You're a disingenuous cunt, of course you mean it. Go fuck some more kangaroos, what we do in the first world is none of your fucking business.
Holy shit. Look at the fucking name of this fucking thread. Taking all the guns away from free people is their objective. Holy fucking willful ignorance.
No, it's true.It's definitely possible to improve rules and regulations concerning guns and gun ownership. Eliminate them.
Except that the goal of these people is complete confiscation of guns. I have no desire to listen to anything they have to say after that. They are disqualified from the conversation.
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