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About a buck three eighty.
Lol, they are both Canadians.
Please tell me she has plastic covers on the couches.
Fed or state?Check the notice carefully, there might be instructions on how to skip to the next jury pool if you have a schedule conflict.Or just skip it entirely. For a first offense I imagine the first penalty you'd get would be a fine.
There is some great knowledge. Have you tried researching the "Humbler"? It's the latest menswear rage.
Damn, dude, you gave up a free ATV ride? What the aitche?I would have guessed seconal, but either way.
I typed once with my eyes closed and I produced the complete works of Shakespeare.
First the toilet paper in the stall door, now missing cotton swabs. Strange things are afoot.
Wash out the glasses when you switch from whisky to gin. Duh.
Office I'm considering renting has a built in wet bar.
New Posts  All Forums: