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For fuck's sake, I have a kiddie porn appeal to prepare in the next 2 days.
I probably just had 700 calories of martinis.
I doubt they were more intelligent than current pack animals. A bullet shot scares the hell out of any current pack animals and will disperse them, at least temporarily. I can't imagine Velociraptors were that much smarter than wolves or hyenas.
The fat end.
http://youtu.be/YJ9W2pZwvlY Fucking amazing live album.
Fucking dry cleaners. I'm fed up with their shit.
Frangible bullets are San option if you're in an apartment complex or something like that. Personally, I am not a Fran. Hayward is right. Hit what you shoot at. You are responsible for every bullet that comes out of your firearm.
The dinosaur the velociraptor was based on averaged 160 pounds. The ones in the movie might have been closer to 300, but even then you can take something that size, like a small elk, with a rifle and ammo you can get over the counter at Wal-Mart. The estimates are velociraptors could get up to 40mph, elk can get up to 45 (4 legs being faster than 2).Where's Cranesey?
Ah, makes perfect sense now.
What? So students going to UC Berkely are protesting that the school should be shut down? what the fuck?
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