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I ordered the Graze box thing. It's a tad expensive for what it actually is, but it tastes good. Can't argue against that.
How many times do we have to see the same stupid origin story over and over again for the same characters? Who has the record? Superman has 4. Batman has at least 3. Hulk's got 3 or 4. And it's all the same tripe. Nothing was added by the origin story in Super Spiderman (or whatever the fuck it was called) over Tobey Maguire Spiderman. We all know, he got bit by a radioactive spider. Gained powers. Done. Stop this shit. Add something new.
No way. 2 was just fucking terrible.
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Sometimes I get a little down in life, but then I reread this Fred and everything is smiles. Ear to ear, baby.
Saw it tonight. Meh. The 3D was good, but the movie was not. I will say I would totes boan the hell out of Bryce Howard. I mean, just in case that wasn't clear already.
I fucking loved the product placement in Repo Men, which were just big bottles or boxes with plain white labels that read Rum or Diapers, or whatever it was.
I had a once a week (I think Thursdays) a 4am radio funk show at college. "The show from the 22nd Floor!" on a two story building. Had a Play Misty for Me stalker who called in every time I played a P-Funk or George Clinton song. Kind of scary toward the end.There's a cover version by Richard Cheese that is hilarious. Most internet jukeboxes have it. That and The Sasquatch song tend to rustle people's feathers.
Oh shit, please post more often. Can you start an indie-go-go for posting? I'll pledge at least a sawbuck.Seriously, I will pay you $10 to post more often.
I've seen him many times. I'm (mostly) straight but if M. Doughty needed a blow job to live I'd save his life.
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