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No one is saying the Godfather has to be the best, but to dislike it shows a neo-hipster too-cool-for-the-room bullshit that just isn't believable. It's like hating on The Wizard of Oz. You just don't mean it.
I often do that after lunch so as to hide the scent of alcohol.
Nikes are hardly appropriate for court.
I just left a butt baby in the courthouse bathroom, third floor. It was like giving birth. I lost 10 pounds.
You disliked the Godfather? You really do have shit taste.
She was a goddamn moron and a pill head.
Most of those stay-at-home businesses are pyramid schemes and nobody makes money off them anyway.
Nothing saves the third one. It's just honestly bad.
Karma is just justice without the satisfaction. I don't believe in justice.
Just rewatched it on Amazon, it's not as bad as I remembered it being. I guess I was just let down from how epic the book was. There's an amazing HBO miniseries that could be made from that source material.
New Posts  All Forums: