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I'm talking about these goddamn things.
I hate all you succubi. Leaching off others to pay three times as much as it would for a private organization to do a better job. You people deserve what you get. Shitty roads and no accountability.
You're a big emo vagina?
Don't fucking keep us in suspense you cunt.
The names put on the bottles are the names of the Coke employment workers who have valiantly given their lives over the years to produce Coke. Not all of them drowned in a vat of Coke, but most of them did.
That shit is disgusting. If you're going to eat candy eat something that tastes good, not something with the texture of a urinal cake.
I'm a lover not a fighter.
I think he's new here.
I did. Watcha gonna do about it?
It's generally of high quality, but yes, it is expensive.
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