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Tanqueray 10 is my favourite. Too few places carry it.Everybody's got Tanqueray. And Bnker's Club. I don't need that shit. Gordon's, fuck off.
It was after a custody court hearing where my cross-examination may have suggested he frequents transsexual prostitutes.
Wow, that is next level liberal guilt.
Holy shit, Trump droppin' the truth bombs.
I've had an angry husband punch out my rear windshield, but he didn't steal my chips or my bag.
Still doesn't make any sense.
It's ridiculous. We don't let fat people in space now. When we've advanced to the technology level of star wars there will be a pill you take or you'll be genetically modified to be thin. Fat people are on their way out. It's stupid to put them in space movies.
Jaws 4 is not a good movie, irregardless of how much time they show Bruce.
New Posts  All Forums: