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Alex is a douche but he was doing God's work there.
The best Comedy Central show ever was Colin Quinn's Tough Crowd, which has been cancelled for over a decade now. The execs there wouldn't know a good show if it fucked their beard-wives. South Park only survives because of the ratings.
Reagan had two wives and dozens of illegitimate kids. If that didn't bother Republicans Trump won't either.
Trump is as Presbyterian as I am, we both go to church to get business.
Most crime is committed by poor people against other poor people. It costs a few hundred dollars a year tops. Cops cost hundreds of billions, and annoy those of us who don't commit petty crimes. Cops should be abolished.
She's Jewish.
Oh please, this is just pathetic.
We can hope, brother. We can hope.
He likes to raise taxes. He's also a Catholic so his allegiance is to the Vatican instead of the American people. He can't be trusted.
There's accents and then there's undecipherable nonsense. She can't possibly anchor a whole movie speaking like a half-retard.
New Posts  All Forums: