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The more you post, the more I like you. "Sawbuck" is a word too few people use. I love it.
Spaghettios are pretty decent, actually.
I will sometimes ask clients how much the marriage cost. I often then quote double for the divorce. I didn't make that up, I read it somewhere but I don't remember where. Clarence Darrow, maybe.
Neither. It's really tame, actually. Does not include the original ending and just CGIs the blood from black to red. lame.
What the fuck? 3 CP arrests on the local paper website and I have none of them. Fucking bullshit.
I have you blocked also.
I have you blocked.
Grindr is so yesterday. All about 3rdindr now.
I think he knows a little more about what you meant in your post then you do, Finn. Jeez, man.
I like where this Fred is going.
New Posts  All Forums: