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Ah, Another time then.
I was thinking of having sushi tonight.You in NYC Thursday night? I have to get a check from an alleged child molester tomorrow night and wouldn't mind getting some drinks there if you're around. I need a new martini bar also as they closed the one we visited last time I was up there.
I was not a big fan of the series, but there was one episode with the black guy from Law & Order and GvsE as a bounty hunter that I thought was quite good.GvsE is also an underrated series that if you ever have the chance to watch you should do so. The Elevator episode in particular was genius level TV.
L'incsy, I would very much like to know about your political opinions. Would you consider starting a blog?
Conne told me my favourite bar in Albany has been usurped by assholes so fuck Albany and everything about that town.
I'll give you $20.
try to hook up with FLMM or Rambo. Cheers.
Makes a good point. Mods, can we get a ruling on this?
Lol, what? It's almost exclusively consumed in shots in the US. It's fucking diesel fuel so there's no other way to drink that tasteless evil shit.
WTF, Gomsie?
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