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Oh shit, please post more often. Can you start an indie-go-go for posting? I'll pledge at least a sawbuck.Seriously, I will pay you $10 to post more often.
I've seen him many times. I'm (mostly) straight but if M. Doughty needed a blow job to live I'd save his life.
The Harvey_Birdman bible is ok with men having sex with each other. Commandment #1 is No Judgments.
I read the novel but don't remember if this line was in it. I would not be surprised if it was a Sammy Jackson original.
Rewatched Jurassic Park last night. Still holds up. The 2nd and 3rd are terrible. I was considering going to see 4 tonight.
I just got a pair of tickets to former Soul Coughing front man M. Doughty' show in July. Supposedly it's limited to like 50 people. 🐙
I often gets asked in my capacity as a divorce and child custody attorney if I am married or have kids, and my immediate response is "No, I'm a divorce and child custody attorney."
"Ass like a ten year old boy."
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