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Not if you actually use the phone.
People switching from Boost Mobile.
The Dollar Store.
3 months late, brah.
Roommates are shit. Seriously, if you were randomly assigned an SF roommate do you think you'd be better off or not? You want to share a bathroom with Jr. Mouse? Or Hermes Man? Or Piobare? Or IDFNL? Or ? That's what I thought.
Of course it sucks ass. Go get a job and get your own movie ticket, you bum.
Having roommates at college is ok. If you're a struggling actor/waiter in NYC it's ok.Otherwise it's lame.
What the fuck, dude?
A sloppy blow job is always nice.
Watched Harbinger Down last night. A Thing/Alien rip made on a budget of $350k, with all practical effects. Apparently started on kickstarter or one of those sites. Surprisingly enjoyable for what it is. 8 dead bodies, no tits, liquid nitrogen fu, gratuitous Lance Henrikson. 3 stars.
New Posts  All Forums: