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Abre Los Ojos was amazing. Came out BEFORE the Matrix, too.But Cruise in Eyes Wide Shut is just amazing. That son of a bitch can act, and he proved it there. [[SPOILER]]
Mmmmmm, wine.
I've given up a chaste life to drink.
I've been in a bar since 11AM.
Somebody else is trying to take control of the jukebox so I have to pay extra to skip his/her 1 Dimension shit and get my Rush and Styx shit ahead.
I'm sure Lena Dunham would oblige.
I believe I've seen his visage and he is still a lady-killer.
Oh shit yes.
I will often roast a whole head of garlic. You just cut off the top of the head of each bulb, then pour a little olive oil over top, bake at 400 for a half hour or so. You can squeeze it right out of the skin, and it is so goddamn good.
I think that's one of the more underrated movies of the last year. It was really good. [[SPOILER]]
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