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I'm with pB. I can always get warmer by adding more layers or setting another homeless man on fire. Getting colder without A/C while still looking put together is virtually impossible.
I'm waiting patiently for a rather large deposit to appear in my account.
I really loved that movie. The book is great, too.
Bro, where you been?8 Seconds in.
I wouldn't mind living in a log cabin. Fly in booze and hookers on a supply run each week.
99%+ of radio prank calls are fake. The 1% that are real wind up getting fined by the FCC.http://www.pillsburylaw.com/publications/fcc-enforcement-monitor-aug-2012
I'd buy an extra martini with it. I assure you, that affects my life greatly.
I have the suspicion that you'd hate any job.
They've already deleted the video. You're guilty until proven innocent. Remember that next time you judge some other poor asshole charged with a crime.
New Posts  All Forums: