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If I want intellectual stimulation I'll read a book.
So you're unemployed? Living off mommy and daddy?
Sourdough pretzels would be served at my funeral. I write "would" because I'm never going to die so I won't have a funeral, but if I were to have a funeral they would serve sourdough pretzels there.
Is she a looker? She looks like a looker.
I tried to hire Mouse at $.41 cents an hour and he refused. You might still be able to get him.
You son of a bitch, text me pics. 570-906-8489.
Why would that happen?
OTR trucker?
I hunt, but hunting season has been suspended in my area by the pig cops while they try to track down some pig cop adulterer shooter.
I doubt doctors tell people they have fibromyalgia. It's probably 99% self diagnosed and then doctors just prescribe painkillers or lyrica to shut the malingering whores up. It's 90%+ women.
New Posts  All Forums: