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Have I mentioned lately that Kirk Hammett called me an asshole and told me "not to fuck this up!"
That's fine, but the government can't do that.
I watched it in the background. Mostly garbage. Sanders was proud of getting a D- in defending the Bill of Rights, though.
I loved the hell out of that movie. Really good stuff I thought.
A two year old NBC show called Siberia. How did I miss this? A fake reality show about contestants surviving in Siberia. Saying much more about the plot would be giving too much away, but it's great. Reminds me a lot of a BBC show from a while back called Dead Set. Same kind of feel. Starts off as a reality show, turns into a horror movie. I recommend.
This isn't a dog, this is a turkey. It's ridiculous on its face.
Schipper was only an actor in Run Lola Run and The English Patient. Tom Tykver directed RLR, and Anthony Minghella directed TEP.
Class of 1984 was great, but I prefer the sequel, Class of 1999.
Goddamn George Bush!
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