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Which boys are these, L'inc? Do you have boys locked up in your basement?
I illegally downloaded that the other day. It's terrible.
I believe i used that word here not too long ago. It is a good word.EDIT - http://www.styleforum.net/t/453455/law-school-and-the-legal-sphere-in-north-america#post_7700760
I had Kirk call me an asshole and tell me "not to fuck this up" over the phone once.
I've never been a fan of Cubsim. Fucking socialist garbage.
Just stick around to 2035, then we all get sexy robot bodies and immortality. Don't worry about this cancer nonsense.
I definitely drink too much so I'm not necessarily one to talk about healthy eating, but I just saw a commercial for this: If you buy this cereal for a child you are a bad parent or guardian.
It is that hard. Avoid doing it at all costs.
It's Samuel L. Jackson you fucking prejudiced fuckwit!
That shit drives me fucking insane. I always want to post about it but then I look like a grammar Nazi. It's just that it's such a stupid fucking mistake that I can't believe wasn't caught in high school. Fucking dumb as rocks.
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