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It goddamn well should be. If cops are going to use these weapons on civilians then civilians need to be able to defend themselves adequately. Disarming the civilian population results in cowering limeys or kangaroo-fucking Abos. No good has ever come from it in all of human history.
Do you review purveyors of used boys' athletic socks?
I would back Ethan here, but I don't know how old Finn is. If he's 50 or older I'd side with Finn.
You would write that.
Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.
You have it the other way around. UK: A nation of professional victims.
So I got this pain in the sole of my foot...
A thousand Swedes ran out of the weeds, chased by one Norwegian.
Violent crime rate 5x the US. Maybe outlawing self-defense has something to do with that.
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