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Sidewalks were a fucking icy mess this morning. How am I supposed to walk to the bar with my hangover if you don't salt your fucking sidewalk? Fucking assholes.
Embrace who you are L'incsy. Don't deny your essence.
Lol, which is why no one will buy your shitty insurance when they can get it without the post up online. Your career is shit. You are shit. You are selling a bad product. Switch industries or become homeless, schmuck.
Thank you Mods for keeping GC spam free. You have a thankless job and you do it so well.
I find the sun overrated.
This site allows kiddie porn now?
Get one of those sunlamps.
No. Fuck off.
That's Bill Fuckshismother.
It's "kill yourself weave." Holy fuck, get a job you dumb cunt.
New Posts  All Forums: