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High crime area = where the poor folks live. Are there more crimes there? Sure. But it's not an area of suspicion because of the high crime. It's an area of suspicion because of the poor folks. It's like describing Venezuela as a low toilet-paper area. Is there less toilet paper there? Sure, but it's not an area of failed economic policies because of the lack of toilet paper. It's an area of failed economic policies because it's a third-world socialist hell hole.
I'm sure they'll get unemployment. Or they can claim fibro and get SSDI. Or better yet, claim Piob gave them fibro because he's such a big meanie and they get worker's comp and a nice fat settlement check just in time for Santa. They'll make it through the holidays just fine. Stop projecting your own fears onto other people.
I don't work in corporate law but I pretty much spend my whole day telling people they shouldn't do things. Like "don't rape your retarded son," or "don't kill your pregnant girlfriend," or "don't download child pornography."
Who is that supposed to be? I'm woefully behind on my knowledge of Marxist whores.
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Yes, because I compared my life experiences to his when I referred to his current statist shit attitude.
Look, I don't know your girl and she's probably great and all, but it's more likely she's just an attention whore.
I don't know why you guys are down on crowd funding. There's lots of good and needy programs out there, like this one: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/september-11th-redux/#/
Art Bell is a goddamn national treasure.
Sometimes I feel like you and Piob are the only ones who get me.
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