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He poked me a couple times.
Gander's good, but you'll pay retail. Try a local small shop and you might get a better price. And if you can get a used 700 there's no shame in that.
Ojfc you bump this thread?
Baby wipes for the last decade. Nothing better.
Shouldn't they have a black person and a gay person there also not recognized as people? Maybe a Muslim too.
You'll always be the Center Square of Styleforum to me.
I have 3 700s, 30-06, .308 and a 7mm. older models need trigger work (although I understand the new x-mark trigger is externally adjustable). 30-06 is the perfect cartridge in my opinion for a bolt action deer rifle as there are so many mass market options (even sabot rounds if you can still get them).I have Nikon scopes on my bolt action rifles. Good quality for the money.
It's an important subject.
I use those dental picks, like a toothpick on one end and a piece of floss on the other. They are fantastic and incredibly convenient.
Are you slitting your wrists at the same time? Do we need to contact an intervention group?
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