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There has been quite a blowback on twitter and the tumblrs that Game of Thrones needs to provide trigger warnings. Apparently a lot of "survivors" were mind-raped by seeing that scene unawares.http://time.com/3882457/game-of-thrones-twitter-reactions-stark-wedding/
I enjoy a good shave. Makes me feel refreshed and clean. Like the ass of a 10 year old boy.
Trigger warning that shit, brah,
I'm not allowed to say bad things about new members.
This was kind of a snooze-fest. I want to see more of the little person but why is it he has to keep getting waylaid on his journey? Just let him get there already.
Mods, if not now, when? If not us, who?
Don't think that way, brah. You may be a huppelkut but you're still one of us.
Prince is still alive, he just gave a concert in Bal'more.
New Posts  All Forums: