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Why would I want to deport my lawnmower?
Read about that. Is that court real, though? Or is it some fake People's Court kind of thing?
You heard that from a functional retard.
Learn how to use an ellipsis, jackass.
Fuck you, how much is this supposed to cost? I'm supposed to pay more in taxes and pay more for schmucks to mow my lawn because you hate Hispanics? Fuck you.
There was a plot? It was complete fucking garbage stupid shit.
So... were the pyramids built by slaves?
Trump wants to build a wall. The same wall that keeps them out keeps us in. No thanks.
They blew it up in the Search for Spock, then the first Next Gen movie too. Might as well blow it up here. Maybe this is setting them up for a 4th movie to go back in time and save whales. Complete garbage.
Illegally watched the new Star Trek movie. Fucking complete garbage. Shameful what they've done to the franchise. Gay Spock goes to save his Nubian lover. Lame as shit aliens. Blow up the Enterprise, because that worked so well in ST3. Everything about it is I can't even spoil it because there's absolutely no plot.
New Posts  All Forums: