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99%+ of radio prank calls are fake. The 1% that are real wind up getting fined by the FCC.http://www.pillsburylaw.com/publications/fcc-enforcement-monitor-aug-2012
I'd buy an extra martini with it. I assure you, that affects my life greatly.
I have the suspicion that you'd hate any job.
They've already deleted the video. You're guilty until proven innocent. Remember that next time you judge some other poor asshole charged with a crime.
Check out the CE, it has lots of useful info. Plus Google "humbler" and use that as your style guru.
Transactional work is for paper pushers and accountants. It's mind-numbing shit that only autistics and people who obsessively do the same crap over and over again on a daily basis in a Rain Man like manner are cut out for. If you don't step foot in a courtroom more than once a year you aren't an attorney. You're a glorified notary who can add and subtract. You're an amanuensis. You are soulless. Empty. Your work is meaningless and once they outsource the legal profession...
We used to have a special Tuesday 'round these parts. What was it again?
This is why you people will never own the means of production. You will forever be an employee. Selling your services to the highest bidder.
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