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Great decision in Birchfield, an implied consent blood test DUI case. This will mess with a lot of jurisdictions' DUI laws that hold a refusal automatically puts someone in the highest tier for criminal punishments. Doesn't look like it will affect civil penalties (like license suspensions) but they can't automatically assign you longer jail terms or higher fines because of it. The fallout on this could be awesome for the next six months until legislatures get their heads...
Ata: loves irrational kill-crazy rights-violating cops. Hates a fantasy tv show yet watches anyway.
Will has not endorsed Hills. In an interview with Reason magazine he even said he's still open to considering Johnson.
If all of New Jersey were set on fire the world would be a better place. Ain't no one else claiming Provel.
Pork Roll is 100% philly. Don't kid yourself.
Why am I getting ads for tani underwear? Seriously?
Of course he was gay.
Lol. White kids gonna white.
I approve. Continue.
It's not a "make fun of feminism" threak, that's a serious threak dedicated to sharing feminist ideals.
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