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It's been so long since I've been poor. What's it like now?No you don't. Nice try.
If you eat at Domino's you should be crucified upside down.
The bartendress thinks it's appropriate to tell me about her lady cancer. Bitch, it's 11:35AM on a Monday. I'm not hear to here about your lady bits. Commence the drinking.
Perry Mason, brah.
I thought Skyfall was the best of the Craig films. Bardem was the best of the Craig villains, without a doubt. Babadook was quite good, actually. Excellent story and pacing.
I still have to get one for the Case of the Used Condom Rapist I won in Dec.
No A/C in prison, brah.
I'm with pB. I can always get warmer by adding more layers or setting another homeless man on fire. Getting colder without A/C while still looking put together is virtually impossible.
I'm waiting patiently for a rather large deposit to appear in my account.
I really loved that movie. The book is great, too.
New Posts  All Forums: