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I'm in a dark bar and couldn't read anything on paper if I tried to.
Hungover, I am still a better attorney than 90% of other attorneys.
You gotta be nice to the fat friend or else you won't get any ass. Maddwest rule 1. EDIT to add
Jeep owner? You're amongst friends.
Can't imagine why that was unused.
I had an angry husband of a divorcé client smash the back window of my Jeep, but this one clearly smashed the window to steal the Utz chips.
I have one good dump each morning.
So the spam is now telling me I have messages when I do not. You're ok with this?
It's a $200 fix but I have a $2k deductible. I just hate everything right now. I blame Obama.
Send me his deets. I don't know any good lawyers here.
New Posts  All Forums: