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Illegally watched Ghostbusters: The Quickening last night. Complete unfunny dogshit.
It's not "easier said than done." It's fucking basic firearms training you should have learned when you were 8. If your dad didn't teach you not to shoot people you aren't sure are a threat then your father was shit. EDIT - Watching that dogshit video Quanever-gonna-get-a-job-with-that-name never should have pulled his own pistol in the first place. If that's what they teach cops in Bumfuck, Texas then the cop-teachers should all be crucified.
Queer. As in genderqueer, not homosexual. Important difference. Personally, I'm offended he left off the A for asexual and the I for Intersex. How can the Republican party be a big tent if it leaves these people out in the cold?
"Hard to tell" means you don't assume it's a gun. When you shoot, you shoot to kill. There's none of this Hollywood bullshit of shooting an arm or a leg or the toy truck out of his hand. If cops are going to be handing out capital punishment they better goddamn fucking be sure it's a gun."It could have been a gun" simply isn't good enough. No civilian would fail to be in prison for making that claim. Why we let these pigs get away with this shit I will never understand.
He's a blowhard jackass. He wants to spend billions on a wall, trillions killing foreigners, and quadrillions to satisfy his ego. What a fucking asshole.
These people should not be allowed access to firearms.
Ford was the only US automaker not to take bailout money so it is the least evil of the bunch.
Of course it's not true, but it's the best story his union rep could come up with on short notice.
No, the person pulling the trigger has ultimate responsibility, regardless of what witnesses said. Cops need to be held to a higher standard or we'll keep getting more of the same.And for fuck's sake, keep your finger off the trigger until you're ready to fire is like rule 3. If this fucking braindead shitfuck can't keep those rules in his head then he deserves to be put in a sanitarium for the terminally fucking stupid.
The racism thing is a distraction, it's systemic gross incompetence.
New Posts  All Forums: