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Have you considered contacting JC Penney?
Holy fuck, is this what you people with real jobs have to go through?
No, it's serious social media organized protesting.
There's a sequel to Monsters, Monsters Dark Continent. It's ok, not great but some good scenes.
Son of a bitch.
Dude, no.
This really goes back to old school Phillip Marlowe and Sam Spade stories. There's a code of ethics these people follow. Mike and Saul included. I'm really loving the shit out of this show.
Another good episode this week. I know the series was half-pitched as a comedy but goddamn there are some real moments on this show.
What happened to IROH'S guides? Did he self-delete or was something else involved? He was the best poster on the Internet and now all that knowledge he tried to share with us is gone forever. I demand answers.
New Posts  All Forums: