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Connected to Facebook and all those important selfies and cat pics.
Spoiler - Edit - can't seem to spoiler on mobile so just link. Don't click if you haven't seen Rushmore. http://youtu.be/sL-kvgOGmzc Easily one of top twenty film sequences of all time. Double Edit - "these are OR scrubs." "Oh, are they?" Effing hilarious. Also a potential spoiler - http://youtu.be/MSlRvVgaSVQ Triple Edit - "Take dead aim on the rich boys. The one thing they can't buy is backbone." Spoiler - http://youtu.be/a6Kl9Ab20IY
Ojfc don't bring up tomato pie or Ed will have my ass.
Have you not seen Rushmore? You are in for a treat."I saved Latin!"
The cracker crust is ok, but provel, dude, no.
It's not a coinkeydink, no.
Rebecca Black.
I'm not sure turning the ignition key to "on" qualifies as fixing your car.
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