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They're both from the genus cinnamon, but the one you want, the real stuff, is a species that is v-something or other. If the label doesn't specify cinnamon v-something it's the closely related spice but is not the same. It's possible that you've never had real cinnamon because it really is something you have to look for. It's not terribly more expensive than the other stuff (maybe 1.5x?) but it is noticeably different.
First mini-episode of the Flight of the Dead from AMC.
You fucking...Anyway, good episode, lots of action, things actually happen.
All right, things are looking up. Stringer Bell is a bit of a badass.
Most "cinnamon" isn't actually cinnamon, it's a closely related spice, but it's not quite the same. If you are making a dish with cinnamon as an important spice then you should seek out the real thing.
This is not a scene from a slasher film this is the stairway in the most expensive Mall in NEPA. Paid for mostly by federal funds 20-some years ago. So thank you all for contributing this to my community.
It's times like these that I miss Iroh's Instructables. I'll never forget his seething documentary presentation on how to turn yellow gloves into black gloves. Sigh.
Dude, where did your life go wrong?
I have to turn the heat on. It's fucking cold.
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