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Sample size of 1. Yeah science!
I don't think any of that is accurate.
He insisted he wanted to testify against my recommendation. He did not do a good job.
You're on the wrong website, you want www.cumfartcocktails.com
Not racist but certainly CIS-normative.
If that's you in your avatar you might want to consider a face transplant.
Going to Vermont for an AHS volunteer vacation the first week of August. Just ordered some new hiking pants from Cabela's.
I had a client who had an adorable golden retriever and would take him to playgrounds in order to perv on the kids. He never raped them but he'd touch them over the clothes while he let the kids feed the dog. He was a rarity in that he didn't discriminate between boys or girls, he felt up both. He's still in prison as far as I know.
I always wash my jeans after every wear. I only wear jeans when doing manual labour so they are often covered with oil, dirt, or some other such stuff when I am finished so if I did not wash them I would be a truly filthy animal.
New Posts  All Forums: