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They're usually high on acid at the time, so it's all good.
Shannon was great in Bug.
Lol, that ain't white. Not for Northeastern Pennsylvania, anyway. I can't imagine that passes for white south of the Masey-Dixie line.
Word was Cameron was thinking about remaking it in the late '90s, and allegedly it's on a list of most wanted remakes among big time Hollywood producers. If you guys hadn't driven Hey Man off the site we could ask him for confirmation.
Why the tomahtoe hate?
I have the phone on next to my bedstand, but that's because I have to be ready at 4AM to take a call from a new DUI client who just ran over a college student.
Well done, sir. Well done.Also, I told the Julio Iglesias joke last night at like 2AM and everybody loved it. That joke kills.
Fuck yes, Johnny Mnemonic.
"I went to a combat range once. You know that game with the guns that shoot red paint?" - Bill Clay.
New Posts  All Forums: