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Obama promises to close Guantanamo. He just didn't mean it for the last 7 years, this year he really means it.
Joe Biden has just been put in charge of curing cancer. I mean...
Watching, he's said absolutely nothing of substance.
Prostitution used to be legal in RI. I think they changed it a few years ago but for decades it was the go-to spot for legal hookers in the Northeast.
I had a bootleg VHS copy of the Holiday Special. It's truly horrific.
He was posting a fun fact, no need to be aggressive.
Why does the cop need a gofundme? He's got a union and legal representation free of charge. Fuck that leech.
Jesus fuck, I didn't think anybody else had ever seen that show.
This is just false. Stop perpetuating this nonsense.
New Posts  All Forums: