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Yeah, as Gibby said, all that stuff is available, it's just a question of paying for it. If you were building a new house it might make sense to include it. But for just about everybody else it's entirely unnecessary.
@hermes man
You do have some pretty awesome hair.
Some son of a bitch broke into my car last year. They stole a bag of potato chips, but passed on the aftermarket stereo system. Fucking stupid class of criminals out there now.
Omg, I feel like I'm going to puke. I just watched the first episode of the show Quantico. This is the worst television show I've ever seen. I don't mean bad, I mean evil. This show is fucking evil. Justifying the war on terror and the invasion of American citizens' privacy. And the fucking characters are painful to watch. Of course the White CIS-gendered Mormon guy had to be a pederast, because you can't have a morally upright character be the hero. The hero has to be a...
I don't know what you mean, all my posts are serious.
They're both from the genus cinnamon, but the one you want, the real stuff, is a species that is v-something or other. If the label doesn't specify cinnamon v-something it's the closely related spice but is not the same. It's possible that you've never had real cinnamon because it really is something you have to look for. It's not terribly more expensive than the other stuff (maybe 1.5x?) but it is noticeably different.
First mini-episode of the Flight of the Dead from AMC.
You fucking...Anyway, good episode, lots of action, things actually happen.
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