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I often put my vodka in the freezer. It prevents hangovers.
What? Lance Armstrong was at the height of his popularity a decade ago.
Look everybody, it's doesn't get the joke guy!
It also changes fucking to ducking.
I do not. My knees have not yet been taken over by the gout.
The LL Bean Katahdin is sub two bills and gets good reviews. But it's not the lightest or smallest.
Basically. I got them and I wasn't thrilled with them. I sent them back and am going to wear Bill's khakis instead.
Call your local bar association and get a consult with a local attorney for $25-$50.
At least around here State Farm has billboards up with the local agent's picture up. There are some very unfortunate looking people who work in insurance.
Do not question the 4 dimensional Time Cube.
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