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Poor children in China.
That crap is crap.
Bottle Rocket is also quite good. It's not quite as quirky as some of his later stuff but it's fun to watch and see where some of his ideas came from.
I had it last time I was out in your neck of the woods. I was led to believe it was quite popular out there, the Provel of mustards.Deli mustard can vary significantly depending on where you get it. Too vague. 1 demerit.
Jesus fucking Christ, not the fucking mustard packets you goddamn heathen. Like real mustard. Not that yellow shit either, but stone ground mustard, preferably spicy. EDIT - And not that fucking Stadium Mustard either, I swear to baby Jesus, L'inc, if you bring that shit up you're getting a mouthful of Hungarian Paprika.
Sounds like a terrible idea. Are you hoping to make money off this? I'm sorry to break this to you Mr. Special Millennial Flower, but the days of making money being an "identity" in social media are long over. Why not get a real job at the gas station or McDonalds and move out of your parents basement and stop being such a burden to them?
Fucking peasants.
What's that shit taste like?
OJFC not this shit again.
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