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Because it was the best part of Days and it's the best part of this film. Days wasn't nearly as good as First Class. If it wasn't for Vaughn re-energizing the series it would have died a slow death. First Class remains the best of the entire series. Singer can go back to sucking homeless cock after the travesty of Superman: The Quickening. Fucking worthless.
Illegally downloaded the new X-Men. Pretty crap. Big surprise, [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for answering my query.
It was addressed to you. Pick two races and name three differences.
This threak keeps on delivering.
There doesn't need to be another bathroom. We need to repeal laws requiring public bathrooms. Shit at home you fucking freaks. No one owes you the right to stink up their property. Let people make private pay toilets. We'll see how much people value their gender queer identity when they have to pay $2 to drop a deuce.
There's no way 90% support universal background checks.
Can you name 3 differences between black and white?
Appalachia is 100% crime. Everyone who lives there is either scamming SSDI or brewing moonshine or making meth. Not a single one of them files taxes. They are all criminals. Every single one of them.
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