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Of course that didn't fucking happen. What stupid fucking dogshit. Where's Springs1 when we need her?
That's just workplace violence, alan.
It will be very historic to have our first openly communist VP though.
A marksman, he is not. He had to use like 19 bullets. He must have been trained at cop school.
I'm on mobile, brobranuck.
I studied philosophy. That's liberal arts, and look at me now. I have a guy who shot his mother to go defend tomorrow.
Lol, anybody else getting ads for car breathalyzers on this page? What, I'm the only one? Awkward...
There's a great book ya'll should read. "A Hundred Felonies a Day." Or ten. "Ten Felonies a Day." We're all guilty of something because there's too many goddamn laws. Edit - Three, "Three Felonies a Day."
Yes, there are reports of cop vampires. But I also know that if those cases go to trial the blood evidence is often thrown out, since police are in no way qualified to act as nurses. Not even the retarded nurses Piob deals with. Edit - at least, in the few cases I've heard of. That is not standard practice.
You're missing that courts can't impose additional criminal penalties for blood refusal. Following the federal extortion to lower BAC to .08 most states adopted a tiered approach and a refusal was automatically treated as a highest rate. This means for a first offense jail time, whereas a .08 often suffered no jail time. It also means higher fines. In many jurisdictions the highest rate disqualifies you from pre-trial diversion programs. It won't affect license...
New Posts  All Forums: