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Dammit, so where's the new martini bar in Albany to pick up middle aged women in high heels?
DUIs, brah.
I would not recommend a visit to Albany however if one is stuck in that city I would recommend a visit to Justin's martini bar.
I always carry a little needle and thread repair kit in my case of briefs. When I happen to lose a button or whatevs on my clothing I am able to repair them almost immediately. Last night after too many Tanqueray 10 martinis I had the button on my sport jacket torn asunder. This morning I have repaired same and as I am so oft to do I made the repair with an off colour thread. I rather enjoy the off-Mark look of these repairs. Proves clothes were lived in. True, I would...
Reincarnation is bullshit. You live once then you die. Fortunately those of us around nowadays will likely live forever but that's due to sexy robot bodies not some religious mumbo jumbo crap.
Which one was about Merlin Monroe? I must have missed that one.Dipshit.
True, but he was quite good in this.
It's pizza time!
Those online quizzes ain't worth the paper they're printed on.
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