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Back in the day I took my lame ass AE card and skinned it with a black iron-on sticker so it looked like an Amex black card.
I was the third brother of five, doin' whatever I had to do to survive.
He furthers the human search for knowledge and wisdom. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Fang.
I have a very well received Google+. Also, I have an idea for a new Fred but I'm not sure if it will have legs. Should I post a query about it here or in another threak?
To be clear, this is for a non-diegetic song used in a movie, not written for that movie. So for example, "Little Green Bag" in Reservoir Dogs would count, but "Stuck in the Middle with You" would not. Please try to post the clip featuring the song in the movie if you can find it, even if it's just partial. Don't mean to win this Fred on post 1 but I doubt you guys can top this.
Just played "Happy Together" by the Turtles surreptitiously on the Jukebox. Everybody knows this song and loves it. I caught several people quietly singing along to it.
Collision Course from like '89. You'll love it.
Not a beach movie, kind of the exact opposite, but Ski School was always one of my favourites.
Keep that shit in CE. Father's Day is a celebration of the patriarchy and oppression of non-male genders.
Pressure. 4 men working on an oil pipeline underwater become trapped in a submersible diving bell and can't make their way to the surface before running out of air. Starring Daniel Huston - who I had to look up as he's that guy that's in a whole bunch of stuff you just don't know his name off-hand. It was surprisingly good. Obviously shot on a lower budget but still quite serviceable and I enjoyed it. Kind of falls apart at the very end but still worth the $7 to rent...
New Posts  All Forums: