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Questionnaire answered.
Somebody wanna take this? I'm not supposed to hurt the feelings of new members.
I'm in. You ever see the Mario Van Peebles werewofl cop movie? Full Eclipse I believe it was called.
Shit, I could have gotten him that for free. The publicity alone would've been worth it.
Please to take my business card. I take payment plans.
Still can't believe I got away with that shit at the last trial. It's apparently been making the rumor mill around town. Waiting on a transcript but talked with a Deputy and he reminded me of the specifics. Somethings about images haunting the jurors until the day they die. While they are lying on their deathbeds they will regret having seen the images. Truly in rare form that day.
Sentenced to life without parole. Shit, son.
Get going on it.
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