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You could go to a fancy restaurant and steal a linen napkin.
That's gotta be an added voice over track, right? No one would actually say those things out loud to a bear, would they?
Do not shit where you eat.
If you get raped in the ass there is a possibility you will ejaculate due to the pressure on your prostate. That doesn't mean you consent to ass rape, but in ye oldern days it was often used to justify prison rape as "no harm, no foul."
"I'm not arguing that with you!"
Which boys are these, L'inc? Do you have boys locked up in your basement?
I illegally downloaded that the other day. It's terrible.
I believe i used that word here not too long ago. It is a good word.EDIT - http://www.styleforum.net/t/453455/law-school-and-the-legal-sphere-in-north-america#post_7700760
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