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Everyone says this but it never happens. I know I'd become a fucking disaster if I won the lotto. I'd plan a space trip to the Moon and burn through millions on alcohol and shoes.
I don't dislike Lita, just sayin' my love will always be for the First Lady of Wrasslin'.
The Lovely Miss Elizabeth was always my favourite. Honky Tonk Man will always be a heel for the way he treated her.
He means you under-season your food when you cook. Although excessive sodium should be avoided you can add a reasonable amount to help bring out flavours in your meals. Personally I prefer Kosher salt for seasoning in most instances.
Ethan's right. Suddenly giving poor people money never ends well.
Can we make up our own titles? I'd pay a half sawbuck to make up my own title.
There's no goddamn way I park next to anybody, facing in or out. I'll walk the extra hundred feet.
The genius.
I fell asleep for the last twenty minutes. Did he say anything else?
New Posts  All Forums: