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Of course you do.
One thing I do not miss about being poor is the laundromat. What shitholes.
Plz, at least 6 martinis.
Actually the Hannah Montana molester got 10 years probation. Was paid very well for that.
I believe PB dismissed the hippies. He is not one to lie.
I forget which episode was in which season, have you gotten to the freeze dried cat corpse episode yet?
I lose all the time. You don't pay you go to prison for 2wenty years.
No, I like being an alcoholic. I have no desire to change.
Sorry to hear of your situation, OP. You're a good son for doing what you did. Things will shake out, good things happen to good people. Best of luck. If you feel the need to talk PM me.
Never. All my clients are innocent.
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