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Hillary speaks in an accent of any kind. Drink.
I will seriously PayPal you $5 right now if you say "Brian Cox is magnificent in everything!" and record it so I can use it as my ringtone.
Twinkies. Tab. The Eurythmics. These things are not like the rest of the 2+ hours snoozerino. Edit - there's a clip up on YouTube. It's complete shit quality but you can get a sense of it.
That Quicksilver scene really had no business being in that fucking Xanax-movie. It's far too good for people who want to immolate themselves with Wesson.
Most comics are monthly as far as I know.
Ok, I'll give you the Nightcrawler opening. But the rest was just crap. Poor Rogue can't have sex. Bitch, they make latex bodysuits for a reason.
"Hey, let's take a villain and pretend he's as interesting as Thanos and not give him any backstory or motivation and have him threaten to destroy the world. Oh, and let's make the best part of this movie a sequel to the best part of the last movie. We'll just CGI the rest of the mindless action scenes." - Singer's pitch for Apocalypse.
"Hey, let's make a Wolverine movie but steal all the good parts from First Class and pretend it's an X-Men movie." - Singer's pitch for Days
"The X-Men are all gay, just like me." - Singer's pitch for x-men 2.
"Hey, let's give Supes a bastard child and make him a dead beat dad." - Singer's pitch for Superman: Electric Boogaloo.
New Posts  All Forums: