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Well we offered to stipulate the stuff was CP, but prosecution still wanted to show a sample. There's a good case out there US v. Cunningham that they're not supposed to do that without the Judge reviewing it so to preserve the appellate issue it all had to be shown.In fairness, during jury selection I made it very clear they'd be seeing it and gave everybody an out. "these images will haunt you until the day you die. While you are laying on your deathbed with your family...
I like the cut of your jib, good sir. Hang around here.
Fucking shit, still getting crap from a Judge because I "forced" him and a jury to watch an hour of child porn two/three weeks ago. Get over it, buddy.
You're not really going to watch that crap, are you?
Israel is like the world's largest eater of turkey per capita.
The cars have a cell connection to the web, it's wifi available for anyone with a smart phone inside the car.
"Slider Fest Happy Hour"
Twelve days with nothing Man tries to self-survive but is denied that much
Good bump.
I'm a fan of the "drink and don't eat" diet, myself.
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