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What the fuck is your problem?
Dude, oriental is not the preferred nomenclature.
Traveling Salesman, an extremely low budget film, is quite good considering it's almost entirely 5 men sitting around a table talking mathematics.
Vaya con Neo.
Well then, it's Miller Time!
I agree. I expected not to like it, but I actually did.If you enjoyed the time/repeat plot device check out Run Lola Run from a decade ago, or Kieslowski's Blind Chance from the '80s.
I've had similar statements made to me in the past. It usually means the client wants to pay me less, not necessarily work less.
I'm reminded of that scene in The Abyss where Eddie Harris stops the watertight door from shutting when his ring gets caught.
pB, one L'inc is enough.
I used to drink this vile shit as a youngin'.
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