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Why do you assume they are not writing about the grain? Barley is delicious.
Fully 85%+ of these rich fucks at the Belmont Stakes are holding their phones, or worse tablets, in front of their dumb faces. You stupid fuckwit, you paid to be there and all you're doing is watching it on a screen smaller than my cock.
Seems like selfish assholes. I assume Sunday night is one of the cheaper days for a wedding. And no kids ensures no mess left at the venue, so the security deposit gets fully refunded. Fuck them. Send them a broken coffee maker as a gift and your condolences on not being able to make it.
LOLZ. I vaguely remember reading some batshit article in the last week about some shithole state (probably Florida) wanting to outlaw bumper stickers because if you put on a bumper sticker that you have an honor role student then the kid touchers know where to strike next. I forget where I read this shit but if I come back across it I will post it here.
I love me some schnapps.
It did flop, and it was nowhere near as good as the original, but it was still pretty good.
Not gonna lie, looking forward to MI5. Tom Cruise is one sexy 75 year old.
He seems like a giant douche, but he is right on Santorum. I've met Santorum and he's an even bigger douchefuck. I wouldn't mind if they had a douchefuck convention and both died when the building collapses on them.
What the fuck are snaps?
There's no reason you should have unless you ate shitty cereal in the '70s or watch shitty reality shows about shitty people.
New Posts  All Forums: