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If you buy wine at a restaurant you're paying a 400% markup. You're a sucker. If you eat ketchup or pre-made mayo you're a fucking peasant. Have some ranch dressing and a to-go coke while you're at it, peasant.
Can I use this to spy on my neighbour's hot teen girl pool parties?
Thank Christ I work for myself, now.
X2. There is no reason to watch the new ones at all. It's like if you were going to show your son the Police Academy movies why would you go past 4? That's the last one Gutenberg was in and the last one that mattered. The story is complete when he flies off in a hot air balloon with Sharon Stone.Edit - also, R.I.P. David Graf. You are missed, fella.
Nice cankles.
I think that's Justin Bieber.
I prefer a slice of lemon peel.
Not as good as three martinis.
Kevin Spacey.
New Posts  All Forums: