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Fuck me, I saw this live. Grew a beard to get alcohol (20). Jesus fucking.
I would not describe The Way as hip. Unless maybe I missed a memo.
Blood sawsitch is delicious and nutritious. Anyone who says otherwise needs to be excommunicated.
So where are you then? The rest of us aren't lying about where we are. Why are you?
You have your location listed as Ukraine. Are you lying?
Lol, attorneys who take unwinnable civil suits against the state after I get rapists off. If I'm the ambulance chaser, they are the hearse chaser.
Oh goodness, I won that case so I don't get a transcript for the appeal, but I wish I did. Oh, it was beautiful. Called the witness a victim, then corrected myself and said, "Excuse me, a survivor." Fucking great.EDIT - actually, there might be a transcript out there somewhere. Let me see what I can get.
New Posts  All Forums: