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She's not for you Edina, she doesn't weigh more than my car.
I have been wearing Alden Cordo boots last two weeks I have received several compliments on them.
Bartendress is getting up and down on chairs hanging up signs for St. Patrick's day. I am trying not to be obvious about looking but I am definitely looking.
When in doubt just start quoting the Ezekial 25:17 speech from Jules from Pulp Fiction.
I saw Waters back when he was doing his solo thing in maybe the summer of 2000 at some shit venue up here. It was an outdoor show, and it was raining but the venue was too cheap to cancel or reschedule. So there were like a total of about 150 people in a 10k venue. Everybody was high, everybody was wet, and everybody had a fantastic time. One of the top 5 concerts I've ever been to.
Sacrilege. And no love for Wish You Were Here? The Final Cut was Waters' getting away with himself, although his solo album The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking is actually quite good.
Please to ban this savage.
Thank god I've never had a real job. I couldn't put up with that kind of shit.
Agreed, I'd like to see more of those kinds'a posts.
True story, Kirk Hammet once told me to go fuck myself.
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