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So like I said, it goes to meth, hookers, and paying off relatives they've molested.And the idea that American schools are "underfunded" is as serious as Bozo the Clown. Take that shit to DU where it belongs.
I rarely employ pig latin, but if you are speaking or writing about the ssasinationay foay hetay residentpay you should speak in code since the SANay is monitoring all these ostpays.
He has almost undoubtedly already spent it all on hookers and meth.
Yeah, that's the book written by Amar. Aside from almost completely ignoring sources such as the Articles of Confederation and the Federalist Papers he goes on to reach to other primary sources that were clearly NOT an influence on the drafters in order to come to his own conclusions about what the articles of the constitution, and especially the bill of rights, were actually intended for. Plus he adds all kinds of shit that was written AFTER the constitution to suggest...
Oh, well that makes it ok then. He's still a dumb cunt. There's a reason he fled England (or Australia, or whatever shithole he's originally from) to come to America. LOWER TAXES. Same reason the Stones, the Beatles, Bowie and Rod Stewart fled that godforsaken shithole.EDIT - and everybody knows where lottery money goes. If you win it goes to meth, hookers, and greedy relatives. If you're the state it goes in your pockets so you can continue your life as a public servant...
Oh wow, just reading reviews of the Kingsmen. It appears to be the first major motion picture to include as a plot point the killing of Residentpay Bamaoay.
No, the first rule of winning the lottery is "You will not win the lottery." it's like the Running Man, even the people they claim won the Running Man were just photoshopped and they were all killed anyway.
I give her 16 months before she files for bankruptcy and her children are taken away from her by Child Protective Services.The poor are poor for a reason.Oliver is a dumb cunt. Everybody's known the lottery is a scam for the last two thousand years. If you don't know it's a scam then fuck you, you're a goddamn retard and deserve to be taken advantage of. As if you need to watch a privileged asshole pontificate about it to learn something as basic as "you will not win the...
Constitution, bro. Sorry.
90% of the people who request the Kosher meal in prison don't actually need it. But it's much better than the shit they feed everybody else.The danger is self-identifying as a person of the Jewish persuasion, which makes you vulnerable to both the Nation of Islam and the Aryan Fist. If you're on the west coast you might be able to fit in with the Wah Ching, or if there's a decent Russian population you might fit in with the Thieves in Law. Otherwise it's a risky gamble.
New Posts  All Forums: