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I think the title of this threak should be renamed to: "Things that are so far up my fucking ass that they're pissing me the fuck off!"
I agree, but the addition of Ruben has been fantastic. So of course they'll kill him off in the next episode.
Ruben Blades is a goddamn national treasure. Why can't the show follow him and his family instead of "fucked up dipshit family"?
Like 30 goddamn dicks.
I served a few weeks in prison for contempt of court. As you know, I'm an ordained minister for the Universal Life Church. And some Judge got it in his head that I should be forced to officiate a marriage ceremony for Conne and the Panera girl. Well, I knew this was an unholy union and refused. So the Judge put me inside for a few weeks. Hard time, gentlemen, hard time.
I sometimes worry I do not have enough booze But I still drink it.
The more you post, the more I like you. "Sawbuck" is a word too few people use. I love it.
Spaghettios are pretty decent, actually.
I will sometimes ask clients how much the marriage cost. I often then quote double for the divorce. I didn't make that up, I read it somewhere but I don't remember where. Clarence Darrow, maybe.
Neither. It's really tame, actually. Does not include the original ending and just CGIs the blood from black to red. lame.
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