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There's another of the Ripley books adapted with Johnny Malklovich, Ripley's Game, that is also quite good.
Shandy is just all right by me.
You gotta go to Arby's, brah. Horsey sauce makes a great soup.
Vodka is for women and children.
I never straight up shoplifted but back in my poorer days I used to switch the little stickers on the cheap tomatoes with the expensive tomatoes.
Definitely unethical. Not illegal and there's nothing you can do about it... Unless, if you have the hiring manager's address you could pay for and give him/her a year's membership in NAMBLA or CLAW. Or maybe send a few dildos his way. Or a singing telegram dressed as a gay stripper. Use your imagination.
I think L'inc is right. When you prance around in a sun dress all hours of the day the guy has to have a raging turgid erection. Think of what you're doing to him when he can't get any release.
I'm always available.
The Bartendress comped me a martini at lunch today.
No one is saying the Godfather has to be the best, but to dislike it shows a neo-hipster too-cool-for-the-room bullshit that just isn't believable. It's like hating on The Wizard of Oz. You just don't mean it.
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