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Removing a judge from a case here in PA is damn near impossible. The judge you want to kick off is the one who decides whether or not to remove him/herself. Then you don't get an interlocutory appeal on that, so you have to lose then appeal the judge's decision after your client is serving his sentence. And appellate courts give great deference to trial court judges' decision on removal. It's fucking garbage, and we often wind up with ignorant pro-prosecutor judges who...
The AR-15 boogeyman! It's gonna get ya!
It does matter. As I wrote, the media is using AR-15 to stand in for any scary looking firearm in an attempt to sway public opinion to ban them. And cops are idiots. They get two days training with firearms at sleep-away camp. They know less than my dead grandmother about guns.
Even if that were true, the firearm used here is pretty goddamn different from an AR-15. It's closer to an MP5 than an AR-15. The MCX is gas piston operated, for fuck's sake. Aside from being black and scary looking it's nothing like an AR-15.
Not specific enough. It's semi-automatic. That is the most specific term they could have used right after the shooting until they had more information.
Of course it matters. The AR-15 has become a dog whistle to scare people. I called it right away that it probably wasn't actually an AR-15. And it's not accurate to call it the "same type of weapon." If Caitlyn runs over another person is it just as accurate to say she ran a kid over in a Toyota Camry (the best selling car in America) even though she ran the kid over in a Ford Focus? They're pretty much the same car, but they're not the same car. And it's inaccurate...
Several versions of it. Including the shorter barrel NRA edition.And yes, Piob, the Ranch will fire both 5.56 and .223 no probs.
That's pretty much it. It's hilarious, certain AR-15 configurations were banned, but the Ruger Ranch rifle wasn't. It's practically the same rifle just in a completely different stock so it doesn't look evil. And honestly I prefer the Ruger, which is also infinitely customizable. I never got this because I heard some bad reviews on the quality of the product, but I always wanted to turn my ranch rifle into this: Those two rifles are the same thing, just a...
Threak still delivering.
Jesus fuck, no one is reading that shit. Five sentences tops. If you can't fucking make your point in that then your point is shit and no one cares anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: