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Huh, and here I though it was code for "black person."
I prefer people to bitch about the weather instead of other things. I'd rather hear the Court Clerk say "quite a storm we got brewing out there, isn't it?" instead of "my yeast infection is flaring up again and my husband is cheating on me."
Where is the "Pee in my butt" poal option? Pole fail.
Oh please, we're all getting sexy robot bodies and going to live forever by 2035. GF is young enough that barring an unfortunate accident he'll make it.
That's fantastic, please tell me that's real.
I've always thought that Girl Scout Cookies were a scam. They aren't that tasty to justify supporting a neo-communist group determined to impose their vision of the New World Order on America. Fucking Reptoids, the lot of them.
Lazy sunday. I am at the bar drinking lager and working on my legal brief for the kid toucher.
Der Bier des Nibelungen
I have no problem giving my precious bodily fluids away for free. I often do that with ladies of the evening on the reg.
New Posts  All Forums: