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Sounds like a terrible idea. Are you hoping to make money off this? I'm sorry to break this to you Mr. Special Millennial Flower, but the days of making money being an "identity" in social media are long over. Why not get a real job at the gas station or McDonalds and move out of your parents basement and stop being such a burden to them?
Fucking peasants.
What's that shit taste like?
OJFC not this shit again.
I always wanted to like Mello Yello because I really loved the Donovan song by the same name. Sadly, Mello Yello tastes like piss.Moxie is where it's at.EDIT -
Mustard and tomatoes are required for any decent sammy.
After taxes, agent and manger's fees, child support, and fines every football player nets $12,000 a year.
Bakula has never gotten the credit he deserves. Shame he's always in such crap tv.
You never cease to fail.
Don't worry about it, women never notice things like that.
New Posts  All Forums: