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No you don't and no you didn't. Stop lying.
Keep fucking that chicken. Maybe someday the Limeys will turn their heads on straight.
Not gonna read that shit. There's one reason Clarence Thomas is on the Supreme Court. To pretend otherwise is stupid.
Piob is correct, he knows terrorism, having come from the inhumane capital of the world, Canada. The club baby seals up there.
Lol, pretending that third world shit hole the UK is in any way connected with western values is laughable. You can't own a firearm or call a woman a cunt in that country. It's complete garbage.
Fate, jackass. Fate.
He wants to guarantee her pension.
No, background checks are often wrong. And there's no reason a wife beater alcoholic shouldn't own a firearm.
No. I can still wipe my own ass.
Eggsellent bump.
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