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Illegally watched the new Star Trek movie. Fucking complete garbage. Shameful what they've done to the franchise. Gay Spock goes to save his Nubian lover. Lame as shit aliens. Blow up the Enterprise, because that worked so well in ST3. Everything about it is I can't even spoil it because there's absolutely no plot.
Garbage calories. I'd rather have a beer.
Please post more.
Hey, get to look at pics of an autopsy of a stabbed-to-death pregnant woman tomorrow. What a great life I have.
Arnold was overdubbed in Hercules. He said a combined total of twelve words in Conan and the Terminator.
There's accents and then there's undecipherable nonsense. She can't possibly anchor a whole movie speaking like a half-retard.
The actress playing Wonder Woman is terrible. She barely speaks English.
No, no, no, no, no. It was these guys -
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