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Excellent post. Very thoughtful.
CE, brah.
The best use of a song to open an '80s comedy. It has to be the opening song played during opening credits. So, for example, "I'm Allright" by Kenny Loggins for Caddyshack would count, "Ghostbusters" which is NOT the opening theme song would not. I humbly submit:
You gotta read between the tweets, bro. It's deep stuff.
Arnold was actually pretty good recently in both Sabotage and Maggie.
Looks like typical twitter garbage. OP is a fuckhead.
I've got my JD diploma, ABA, PBA membership, Federal court admission, and PACDL membership on the one wall. I've got plenty of other shit I could throw up there if I needed to have a Little Lebowski Urban Achievers' Wall.
You consider that sales?
I billpay from my business checking account. I don't think I have any auto-pay set up for the credit cards. Other than my amazon account I don't think it would have to be changed anywhere.
Oh I'm sure they played repeats extensively.
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