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Without posting names or addresses try to post a couple of pics of the cards and the pen.
Oh snap, son. Shots fired. This is like Turkey shooting down the Russian plane.
Personalized Christmas cards are the best. Cheers.
Agreed, it was damn decent. Give it a watch.
How is it possible for such a piece of white trash to be as awesome as I am?
Fuck, thank you. I put that out there and fucking nobody else caught onto it. Thank you, HRoi.
Yes, Piobsy is right. It will take a while for the full amount to be posted. I'm ok with that, I'm not about to be foreclosed on or anything. And yes, I could deposit with my cell phone but I want to see the teller's face when she gets a load of my load.
Every payday is worth remembering.
Yes, I read that series but not the Bosch ones. The movie wasn't half bad, in my opinion.
Need to add a tattoo for that one, actually. I'm two behind.
New Posts  All Forums: