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Nice bump.
That was a fascinating movie. Not necessarily a good movie, but a truly fascinating one.
Raiding retirement. Second mortgages.
The computer forensic expert the client spent $35k on won't testify there was no "knowledgeable download" of CP. WTF?
Selma is kind of shit. It's not really a very good film. As an honourary member of the NAACP I feel I am allowed to say that.
I'm not a smoker but I fully encourage people to smoke. It feels good and makes you look cool. What's not to like?
It is a good drink. The drink of success.
I just ordered another martini. I don't even remember which one this is. Don't know, don't care. Next week should be epic.
Sometimes I have to self-censor. I had a funny post here that made me el oh el, but it may not be appropriate for mixed company.
Jr. Mouse likes to eat a well-prepared brunch Because he is too lazy to make breakfast or lunch.
New Posts  All Forums: