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I think it's the syllable thing they don't understand.
Latino killed a black man after a struggle. Fucking Trayvon Martin all over, yo!!! Spoilers. Who even gives a shit.
On the next Lifetime Original Movie a family struggles with drug addiction and lies while in the background the world collapses as we totally ignore the dead rising from the grave.
An hour into it and I can't stand it. Cast was made by a committee, plot was written by a Why, dialog is so painful I considered breaking my bottle of Stella Cidre and stabbing it in my ear but I still had some left int he bottle so that would be a terrible waste and didn't do it.
Rififi is awesome. Check out Asphalt Jungle if you get the chance.
Awesome. We can be Mr. Robot Buddies.
Careful. Don't.
Fucking Wonderbread.
Yes. Can't say too much more without spoilers but it clearly has a throughput. Really well done.I fucking spoilered the shit out of that and you just post it here. WTF mang?
New Posts  All Forums: