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Mr. G, just put up an ad on Craigslist for an emergency babysitter. I'm sure you'll get something.
Motherfuckers keep talking about adding sales tax to lawyer's fees in PA. You sons of bitches, I already pay income taxes. You want me to pay sales tax on TOP of the fucking income tax you ruthless fuck-cunts steal from me every year? As if that won't get passed on to clients. You dumb fucking cunts.
I rather enjoyed the Mist. Most people are pretty retarded in real life, so that there are retarded people in movies should not be a shock.
It depends on region, of course, but I would venture to say that the average hand job runs between $50-$100. For something decent, but not overly so. Sure, you can probably get a crack-ho to jerk you off for a sawbuck, but that's probably not even worth the effort. So being generous at $100 a pop, that's still 7.3 million hand jobs. That's a lot of lube and
TRIGGER WARNING - For real, nasty stuff follows. [[SPOILER]]
Liquor before beer, you're in the clear.Beer before liquor, you're in the yard.
Look at that perfectly foamy head. That full amber bodied brew. Just waiting to be suckled like mother's milk. EDIT - Yes, I am drinking that one right now.
I live an hour from the PA Brewery. I can't say anything about what legal representation I may have provided to members of the family but suffice it to say when I visit I don't have to pay for a take-away case.
She's just 15. Wait another year until she's legal.
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