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Those aren't spam threads those are legit posts. Don't you want to watch sports for free?
Subscribed for douchieness.
I don't know why you'd have to lie, you can get a PhD from the Universal Life Church for a sawbuck.
Most bars 'round here have Tanqueray 10 so I go for martinis.
Obviously you've never seen Breaking Bad. When you dissolve a body in acid you need to put it in plastic.http://youtu.be/hUFbOAIWjJM
Yeah, that's one I never got.
Savage 24 is difficult to acquire?
I am not a bastard, my parents were married at the time of my birth.
I am from blue collar stock so I do my own maintenance and check out the underneath of the dishwasher.
No, but I've only seen women who claimed to have fibromyalgia.
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