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Holy shit, that was a great episode last night. I don't know who told Capaldi to button the top button of his shirt but that really annoys me. The only people who do that in real life are autists.
Because his socks are so cute.
Of course there's beans in chili. There's no rice, though. That's only for savages.
Oh man, I try to do a good deed and the turkey and potatoes from yesterday have bottled themselves up in my colon and are creating a poison gas factory. My farts have been so bad last night I can taste it in the air. May have to open a window even though it's below freezing outside.
Hillary should win this term, because Jeb can still run in the future. By the time Jeb is up we can get Chelsea into office, followed by the Bush twins (one P, one VP) and then we can follow that up with Bill's son. We got at least the next 40 years mapped out here.
Still waiting for this...
Spent the afternoon at the Church Kitchen giving out food to the poorz. Upside? Free dinner, bitches! I had a fine meal of overcooked turkey and lumpy potatoes talking with my new friends Steven* and The Midnight Rider who both support candidate Trump. Sadly, Steven has an active bench warrant for unpaid child support so he won't be able to vote. *Not his real name. Although, it might be his real name because I'm pretty sure the name he gave was fake.
Just caught up to watch Lucy. Some of the visuals were decent, and the editor deserves some respect, but what a godawful stupid fucking movie. Transformers level stupid.
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