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It's vaguely interesting. Think about it like watching the Godfather chronological edit. Not nearly as powerful.
I think L'incserroneous means synthetic weed. Won't have any repeat customers with counterfeit stuff.
Sounds like a decent fella.
Which one is Mengtibbi again?
Did you take a tumble?
Do not cum where you eat.
Perhaps a White Russian (Caucasoid).
They are drinking some kind of blue margarita thing.
There are two attractive young coeds pawing and touching each other and singing along to the terrible '80s music I have been surreptitiously playing on the jukebox.
I accidentally bit the inside of my cheek rather hard (Ragnarök) and now I can't finish my meal and every sip of alcohol I take I have to swish only on the right side of my mouth.
New Posts  All Forums: