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This has been addressed in CE. Corporate personhood has fuck all to do with Citizens United.
I pay over 50% on my "income", if you know what I mean by "income". Wink wink.
I'm pretty sure the 3rd Circle of the Inferno was filled with beanbag chairs.
They shouldn't be crimes. But sadly, they are.
You need to check your time frame and do what you're told privileges.
Neither this cheerleader nor Africa asked for your opinion. If you don't see the point of hunting big game then don't hunt big game.
This is an internet message board, how else am I supposed to determine what you are concerned with other than where you post? I'm not your facebook friend so I must have missed all those plaintive pleas to stop inner city violence you posted over the weekend.
No, I love homosexuals. Not sure why I'm the ignorant one. How.many threads did you start about the shootings in Chicago? Do you value the lives of rhinos and lions over the lives of human beings?
New Posts  All Forums: