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No, it's true.It's definitely possible to improve rules and regulations concerning guns and gun ownership. Eliminate them.
Except that the goal of these people is complete confiscation of guns. I have no desire to listen to anything they have to say after that. They are disqualified from the conversation.
Pennsylvania is a steeltown, a steamtown, an Amish-town, and a Sewer-of-shit-and-piss-and-cheesesteak-town.
Are you trying to imply cops aren't armed morons?
Eric, I love you, but I know your love for fatty foods. You will not fit in a line of cocaine. I'm sorry, bro. It just ain't happening.Greenfrog, on the other hand...
It's on line. A line is a one dimensional object. As a three dimensional being you physically can't be in one.
Probs Maple Syrup in the bottle.
Somebody put a Bernie sign in my yard this morning.
New Posts  All Forums: