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2045-2050. Somewhere around there.
We'll blow up that bridge when we come to it. We've got a coupl'a hundred trillion years before we have to worry about that.
Emissions tests are such a scam. There are a lot of aftermarket alternatives to let you Vee-Dub your way out of that problem for a lot less than four Benjamins if you are so inclined.
It's coming gents, just another 30 years or so.
Alien was and still is amazing. Speaking of Ridley, I saw The Martian today. It was pretty decent. I don't think it deserves quite all the love I've been seeing, but most of it was quite entertaining. It's pretty much a remake of Robinson Crusoe on Mars from back in the day, but still quite good.
I saw that last week, too. Bacon was quite enjoyable in it. The kids were mostly non-annoying.
Agents are a dying field. Everyone shops for insurance online now, the only people still going to agents are old people who will soon die off and then you'll have no customers. You can't compete.
NY Life and Allstate aren't pyramid schemes.
Going to prison isn't all that bad really if you can get out.
Christ, not this shit again. It's a fucking scam. Get a real job.
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