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Fix it, probably not. But we can go to the dump and get a used one for $300 or less.
As I told my 4th grade English teacher, "go fuck yourself, it's in the dictionary as an alternate spelling."
that shit cant possibly work in real life.
absolutely. I got plenty of land, we can dump the used oil anywhere.You shouldnt actually dump used oil anywhere. take it to a responsible recycling facility.
Won't hide my disappointment. I thought you'd be one top of this. Paul is involved.
Oh fuck yes.
What of the new KISS fake football show?
You're getting taken. Come on up to Harvey's Auto Repair with $300 and a case of beer and we'll fix it over a weekend.
Fuck yeah, Detroit here I come
How many estimates have you gotten? Those sound widely overinflated.And catalytic converters rarely fail on their own. It usually means there's something wrong upstream, like with the engine that'll cost you another $2k in a year or two.
New Posts  All Forums: