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You're like Richard Pryor in Superman III, just a few cents here, just a few cents there.
So by "inherited" you mean "stole".I never figured you for a petty thief, pB. I figured if you were going to steal you'd go big and try to knock off a bank or a John Lobb store or something.
Pics, plz.
Not a Hello Kitty stapler then, I take it.
Sequentially, one after the other.Allegedly.
I generally do not have time for such frivolities as I am busy representing the 3 alleged rapists who shared a condom during sexual intercourse with a lady.
"Holy Shit It's Only Wednesday." - George Carlin
Whattaya want? I've been drinking for 3 hours now.
I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.
New Posts  All Forums: