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Just print your own, brah.http://www.printedfirearm.com/3d-printed-ruger-10-22-rifle-step-by-step/
Indiana Jones reference, jagoff.
As a small business myself, part of the appeal is hiding the money from taxes.Wait, I didn't mean that.
Not sure what style it would be classed as, but it would definitely go good with any wardrobe fighting Nazis in Africa.
May i subscribe to your newsletter?
Virgin mobile.
One of those burners you buy at wal-mart or gas stations in order to conduct drug transactions.
Let's not get into a tiff, Brokensies. We've been pretty friendly up to this point. I don't want to see us start a senseless internet battle over this.
Take that back right now, L'incsy's posts are poetry.
New Posts  All Forums: