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180. If they do a 360 then they go all the way back around to where they started. Have you never seen Last Action Hero?
Pederast, not pedophile.
They do not have croissants in Pittsburgh, you inadvertently bought 3 pretzels.
You're like Richard Pryor in Superman III, just a few cents here, just a few cents there.
So by "inherited" you mean "stole".I never figured you for a petty thief, pB. I figured if you were going to steal you'd go big and try to knock off a bank or a John Lobb store or something.
Pics, plz.
Not a Hello Kitty stapler then, I take it.
Sequentially, one after the other.Allegedly.
I generally do not have time for such frivolities as I am busy representing the 3 alleged rapists who shared a condom during sexual intercourse with a lady.
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