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If all of New Jersey were set on fire the world would be a better place. Ain't no one else claiming Provel.
Pork Roll is 100% philly. Don't kid yourself.
Why am I getting ads for tani underwear? Seriously?
Of course he was gay.
Lol. White kids gonna white.
I approve. Continue.
It's not a "make fun of feminism" threak, that's a serious threak dedicated to sharing feminist ideals.
There's a reason I don't live in your dumb country. There's actually a hundred and eighty-five thousand reasons.
I don't need to follow your bullshit laws, we kicked you faggots out two centuries ago. If I want to defend myself I'll just walk down to Walmart.
No you don't and no you didn't. Stop lying.
New Posts  All Forums: