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Most places don't let you make up your own security queries anymore but back when they did I would use "What is your password?" as my security query.
It is Tuesday.
Cadbury has only themselves to blame. As I understand it they signed the deal with Hershey giving Hershey exclusive rights to market and sell in the US. This wasn't Hershey forcing them through some evil method to stop selling, Cadbury willingly sold out. Fuck them.
I look forward to the time Obama 2.0 is elected President and declares immortality a fundamental human right.
It's not far off, brah.
All this school nonsense is going to disappear in the next twenty years. Not only will be all have sexy robot bodies but all teaching will be done virtually. No reason to have to leave the house.EDIT - Political rant - [[SPOILER]]
I'm sure a lot of socialist enclaves that hate freedom do.
Your popularity will increase tenfold if you are a hot teen girl.
I'm not saying anyone should name their kid Adolf Hitler, but the government really has no business in deciding what an appropriate name is.
Was this in another country? The US wouldn't refuse to name a baby Adolf. There was a NJ couple that named their kid Adolf Hitler and nobody changed the name. The kid got taken away because the parents were batshit insane but as far as I know the name stood.
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