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23" thighs + 37" waist should equal normal fit in my estimation... Thus, I tentatively agree with Henry.
They use it in the heel for strength. In the arch for elasticity. Probably in the top for elasticity too.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames Just to clarify the aesthetic i'm after, it's somewhere between dior homme and normality. I guess this probably runs counter to what SF usually looks for, if my shirts fit like this (but with shorter sleeves) i'd be happy [[SPOILER]] Good luck breathing and doing everyday activities, including driving.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames maybe a little big- not huge, but not exactly tailored this is about what i'd consider to be good fit [[SPOILER]] Uh... no. Quote: Originally Posted by mrjames it's not unrealistic by any means (imo), skin tight but tailored so the seams line up perfectly with the joints, yeah it is probably pinned at the back, but the photos I posted are not that far off the RL fit. Yes there is a comfort tradeoff- and the tailoring...
BB sales suck. The best deals are combining the everyday brooksbuys + corp card + mastercard on a 25% off Corp weekend.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS Genuine tortoise shell frames from Osawa Bekko, in Tokyo. I'd put transition lenses into them. Hawkbill turtle is endangered. I'm afraid I can't get behind that.
Its doable, but not worth the cost.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unfashionable That last post was down-to-earth (not always the norm around here, I am finding...) And how many of you just buy OTR and have it tailored vs. MTM. Any advantages to this approach? Depends on how off the measurements are. If your essentially asking the tailor to recut the entire shirt, it begs the question of was it worth it? When the alterations cost approaches $50, your really pushing it and...
You can try (not sure if right url) and make a custom polo shirt. Not entirely sure about the quality, haven't heard anything.
Quote: Originally Posted by Imhoff Well I will be honest with you, I did not ask them for specifics. And actually, it looks like they did update their website (it's been like 4 years since the last update) and they sort-of explain their bespoke process here. They also state on their homepage that they will be adding a bespoke making video soon. It seems their business has picked up quite a bit just based on the length and ETA for tailored...
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