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Be thankful your not fat and go MTM? Cold answer, but that's basically the reality I myself have come to accept (grudgingly).
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo I have to get a prescription.... Not in Canada you don't. And there are Canadian sellers on ebay willing to ship it to you. Just saying.
Don't wear deodorant and you won't have sweat stains. Problem solved. Oh, right, that pesky BO problem... hmm...
Quote: Originally Posted by crowned1984 Hats are certainly underutilized in Arizona; I would like to sport something like a fedora. Me too, but I'd never wear it. Not while I can still drive...
At 40 years old those shoes are surely representing a damn good value over time! I wonder if it's a British thing?
Hate the RL tennis tails. I just chopped them all off and wear them untucked. Really love my RL custom fits now.
You can check out Benjamin suits at ehaberdasher. Also, there is always Nordstrom's Rack. Plus there is ebay. And if your okay with used, consignment shops.
Chainstitching is popular on jeans because it enhances the roping effect. Google image it and you'll see what it is. Its when the hem fades like a rope. Anyway, a regular lock stitch can achieve the same effect. The chainstitch works because of the way the machine pulls on the fabric or some such techno mumbo jambo. Basically, if you can get a lock stitch machine to do the same thing, you'll get the same result. And to add more food for thought, eventually the lock...
You could taper suit sleeves, but making them skinnier all around would require reshaping of the arm hole. No mean feat.
I need a bleeping card!?? :|
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