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Quote: Originally Posted by krspdla Just recently brought in a jacket that was loose in the sides. The tailor quoted me $42 to take in the sides up to the armpit, then another $55 to take in the seams from the armpit to the shoulder. Are these prices reasonable? He quoted what? To do what? $42 is reasonable, but expensive. Worth every penny for a good job. I have no idea what your trying to achieve with your second sentence. Are you...
Free shipping going on right now.
If you want an AE, I'd go with the Strand in walnut or that new Rough collection. If you want darker, I like the cordovan shoes.
Just wondering, but what was your process for narrowing down the options to J. Crew and TaT?
Quote: Originally Posted by PorterInjax The contempt factor increases exponentially if a sweater is tied across the shoulders with a flipped collar. Never actually seen this in real life. But I really hate that look regardless of popped collar or no.
Just wondering if anyone has any insight on this. The trend seems to have staying power, and while popping the collar keeps the sun off the neck, it's clearly a fashion thing to pop the collar. Someone must like it, or at least, not hate it. What say you SF. Do the women you come across like the look? Hate it? Indifferent?
Wonder if the lotion would work well for Clarks Beeswax DBs.
Is there a RL Outlet store coupon for extra 20%? People were mentioning it in the RL thread.
Stupid slim fit jeans are too tight in the thighs for people with leg muscles.
Canali jacket will be taken down on the 7th. Last chance to make an offer or buy it.
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