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Quote: Originally Posted by JL724 Anyone? I've seen that style at Walmart, but without the pants bar.
I've heard leather food. This question was already answered in the Clarks DB thread in SW&D. That said, I use AE leather cleaner/conditioner, but I think the leather lotion might be better. Doesn't really matter what you use, they're disposable anyway. Plus, they're supposed to be beat up.
That is a very small quantity of polyester. I question whether it even helps prevent wrinkles. I wonder why they chose that fabric instead of 100% cotton.
The ties I use the most often have a color base of the following: maroon, gold/yellow, navy, light blue. I really like Talbott ties from the Rack because they're inexpensive, well made, and edgy but still conservative. I also have plain colors. Either case, you can get away with having very few ties. Hardly anyone notices.
I use my shoe boxes to ship stuff in, hold receipts, etc. Most of the time I end up throwing them away. It's not like they are made of wood or extremely lovely to behold.
Is doing it yourself out of the question? If you really want to do the least damage to the shirt, you would hand wash it, air dry it, iron it yourself, and use no starch. Although I suppose it doesn't really matter who irons it as long as they don't use starch. Past that, I'd look at Stu's article and come back here with more questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by truth11 Ive thought about H&M but from what ive heard they are pretty poor quality and I am looking to get at least a decent suit Well, I am not sure I would call J. Crew a decent suit. Actually, I wouldn't. No first hand knowledge about TaT other than its a very modern & slim cut. Not for everyone.
Quote: Originally Posted by Renton Is there a code or is it built into the ordering process? Don't know. I just see the ad pop up every now and then when I'm browsing the web.
What about H&M? Before you shoot me down for suggesting it, I actually haven't looked at H&M's suits. I've just read that they are slim fitting, have high arm holes, and are cheap. Did I mention cheap? Don't expect quality. But I think they're cheaper than J. Crew. And if the suit is going to be disposable, might as well buy something with high arm holes and spend as little money as possible while still looking decent.
Seems reasonable if you need it done. Good alterations shouldn't be cheap.
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