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To correctly perform the pinch test, you have to be able to remove the outer fabric from the canvas and be able to rub the separated fabric against itself. It should feel like the fabric in the sleeves (minus the lining) when rubbed together. If there is something in between the fabric you pinched and you cannot easily separate the interloper, then that is fusing. If on the other hand, you can rub the fabric against itself, there is no fusing. Half canvas is supposed to...
Well, since your unwilling to try the best solutions to the problem, you can do better beard prep. Beard Prep scroll down to beard prep. Using a brush and soap also help.Other than that, you can wax it or laser it off. :P
Captains of Crush if your serious about it.
Propercltoh has a 30% off weekend. Just got the email a few minutes ago. Pretty good selection. Seth also said earlier that the referral links also give a little more credit if you use it.
Wash, dry in dryer, wear. If I don't care, it can't bother me. If I have to look good, I wear wool pants. They aren't any hotter, temperature wise.
Quote: Originally Posted by scientific alright summer is officially here and its hot as ****. i've been rocking the lightweight j crew khakis for my biz casual office since i started this post. they're cheap, and OK. but still too damn heavy and hot. what other ideas should i check out? ive heard about "linen pants" but never tried them. Really? The lightweight Essex pants are too hot for you? You're talking about the paper thin versions...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS I wasnt really pleased with the levis selvedge 501s I got. Id go for a pair of naked and famous for reasonably priced selvedge. Agreed. Returned them right quick.
Quote: Originally Posted by stubloom Count me in. Well, if Stu is going... But the better question is are the drinks free?
@ Lil, the shirts look a little short in the sleeves, but being RTW, we can't expect perfection. No one outside SF would notice, I'm sure. @ OP, if your willing to spend up to 100 pounds, have you thought about MTM? Too much measurements? Anyway, don't know what's available in Britain, so can't give you other RTW options.
Yes, I do. I wear it when I go back home to Hawaii and need to attend a semi-formal event. Oh, and I keep them back home at my parent's place.
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