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You can wind automatics.
TMI guy above. Do they show through dark colored polos?
Ludlow is really skinny. I suggest the Aldridge line. I think it's cheaper too. But if you're not set on J. Crew, check out Joseph Abboud at Nordstrom's Rack. They also have HSM usually.
Tweed is climate specific. I will never add tweed to my wardrobe while I continue to live in the southwest desert. I like light grey. But I also don't like patterned cloth too much.
No constructive suggestion, sorry. But I do hear that women dig guys who shave with a straight razor. However, I'm 100% sure that is not a criteria they look for when first meeting someone.
All I can say is LOL.
I would get a burgundy and a light brown and then call it a day. If you keep buying shoes you're going to look at them all one day and realize you have more shoes than some women....
For $89, you can get a nice white pinpoint from ProperCloth. Shipping not included though. I haven't tried any other sub $100 white fabrics from any other MTM makers so I cannot recommend anywhere else. That said, pinpoint is an inexpensive fabric, you should be able to find some in MTM for the price you want. For trim fit OTR, check out J. Crew. Don't know what they have, but the sizing is nice. Can't necessarily recommend them for quality as it varies from product to...
I have sweaty feet. I tried the anti perspirant (even the stuff that you have to buy from Canada) and they don't really work and they're a huge hassle. Thin wool socks for me. Not saying they work either, but they're more comfortable. As for your shoes, they aren't supposed to last you a lifetime to begin with. Just replace them when the upper is worn down enough.
I only wear one with short sleeves. If I wear long sleeves, what is the point? I look at my cellphone for the time, and I have to do the "flick & check" for anyone to even know I'm wearing a watch.
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