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I see way more black suits at the courthouse than any other color. White or light blue shirts of course. Ties vary.
Picture comparison with some observations Just pictures: Nialma v. Propercloth You can draw your own conclusions. They both offer Thomas Mason fabric. I think PC uses more measurements. The forearm is a little thinner on my Proper Cloth shirts. The buttons are pretty similar. Nialma is cheaper with their deals. Propercloth uses some double needle stitching on the side seams. Nialma does not.
Because I have to go to court. I wear a polo & wool slacks in the summer when meeting with clients. I'll upgrade to LS BD's when it gets cold.
I buy J. Crew aldridge pants off ebay. Mostly because they're one of the few wool pant makers that makes a size 28. Zanella also makes a size 28, but never goes on sale for less than 100.
Nothing bad will ever happen if you use too light of a color to polish your shoes. It may not cover up any scuffs, but it won't change the color. I think.
Nordstroms brand from the Rack.
Go to a doctor. We are not medical specialists.
Don't see the problem unless you're doing your leg workout or need better balance for certain exercises.
Some makers use tallow and lanolin, both are not normally found in any other soap these days. DR Harris & Tabac & AoS should still be using tallow in their formulations of triple milled soap.
Fair statement. Although I wouldn't trash the sandalwood cream that badly. However, the Avocado is a better scent and doesn't leave a weird residue.
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