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Quote: Originally Posted by AE7 Do you know why is pique is more widely used for polos? Isn't pique more breathable due to the loose weave? If so, I think that is the answer. Quote: Originally Posted by Patek My biggest complaint is the [BB] logos. I agree, their logo is ugly. But I do wonder whether the rest of the world respects the logo and would recognize it as a mark of quality.
Quote: Originally Posted by PDL24DCP Are they gonna make the gray selvedge or chambray in slim guy?? seems like the slim guy gets no love these days You mean linen? Chambray is last season AFAIK. If you did, they do. If you meant Chambray, they did.
Thomas Mason, available for ~$150 from several MTM makers represents the standard against which to measure most other MTM shirt options. IMO. And you can get it from J.Crew too for slightly less. Not sure how they're able to produce so much shirting and keep their pricing relatively low, but haven't heard any complaints about the quality on the interwebs so far. $140 for an Oxford cloth is more than I am personally willing to pay for an oxford cloth, but I'm sure it...
Quote: Originally Posted by sellahi22 The fragility of superfine shirtings is often overstated on SF. I wear my 140/2 and 170/2 shirts pretty hard and send them to shitty commercial laundry and they all remain in good shape. Also, while they wrinkle slightly more than my 100/2 and 120/2 shirts, the wrinkles are more soft and subtle, whereas the thicker cottons tend to show unsightly cardboard-esque creases (relatively speaking). To the OP, don't cheap...
Wore my Chambray jeans in 100 degree weather today. They performed as expected. Pretty similar to other lightweight cotton pants I own. I like them. I'll probably use them for when I go out at night mostly.
Ugh, I feel so dumb posting, but here it is: Went to Burlington Coat Factory at the suggestion of my mother. Purchased a black suit in a price I could afford, $100 or so. Didn't do too well in the purchasing department for many years later.... Hell, I bought HB and KC not too long ago. Although I suppose the above story isn't quite true. I did get hand-me-downs from my uncle and grandfather.
Quote: Originally Posted by Unfashionable As for quality of material on MTM sites, what is the difference between the generic %100 cotton vs. Sea island or Thomas Mason? Are you buying a name? Or would I be better off buying an almost-fitting Thomas Pink for that money and spend a few bucks for tailoring? The generic cotton ones are grown and spun in China. For obvious reasons, not the best quality. There is a reason no one bothers to...
I second the J. Crew rec. I love their jaspe ones. The regular ones are good for unbranded good fitting polos. I like Ralph Laurens better though. I think Lacoste is just as good, but not sure if they make the non-mesh you refer to in OP.
Strand. Wish I had one.
All this talk of food is making me rethink my recent purchases of MWAC, RRL, & N&F Chambray jeans... How much MORE food could I have bought instead!!!!????
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