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Quote: Originally Posted by Kiwi Man As far as I'm concerned, RL Black Label clothes are all made in China and Hugo Boss Selection clothes are not. Hugo Boss selection is supposedly be the premium line of Hugo Boss so I personally believe that their quality is superior to Ralph Lauren Black Label. I wish I could fit into Hugo Boss Selection suits because I like the fabric, but they are full cut while RL Black Label suits are slim cut. My concern...
Quote: Originally Posted by mktitsworth I was talking with the local Saks specialist who handles their MTM/club room stuff who mentioned that all of Hugo Boss is fused, where as if I remember, RLBL (By which I think you mean black) is canvased. Generally speaking, from what I've learned, I'll choose canvased over fused because it's likely to live longer. Another case of SA's not knowing everything... Hugo Boss Selection comes in two tiers,...
I like herringbone, unsure about this self stripe. Need more pictures to form a more solid opinion.
Quote: Originally Posted by kirbya +1 to this. I make sure to wash my socks inside-out and ONLY WITH OTHER SOCKS. If you was them with any other cottons, then I find that they gather white lint that is difficult to remove. Washing them inside-out also helps protect them from the buildup of white lint. And ALWAYS hang them to dry. I do the same with my underwear. The heat of the dryer deteriorates elastic, causing it to break down faster than...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bananafish washing machine: handwash setting; hang dry in bathroom. This.
Quote: Originally Posted by randomkoreandude http://cgi.ebay.com/NWT-Ralph-Lauren...#ht_7089wt_907 are these single rinse/washed or raw? selvedge? unfortunately the seller doesnt accept questions... but great price if they are raw selvage! She finally got back to me if anyone is interested. Quote: Thanks for your interest in the RRL jeans! These are not the red line selvedge jeans, hence, the lower price! The thigh...
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Reverse fade would be a great summer jean. Unfortunately its god dam cold here in Toronto. Nonetheless the RFs is starting to fade but not enough to justify pictures. Wouldn't they become an oven with that resin coating?
I've got no dog in the fight, but viewing it from a third person perspective, I can see why they poke Mauro. It seems he gives them a reaction. Not saying one side is right or wrong, but it just seems like a vicious circle. They poke him, he reacts, they get their shits & giggles, they poke him again, etc etc. That said, it is somewhat entertaining.
Quote: Originally Posted by Quadcammer oh hell no...hideous +1. Ugly, ugly shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnH123 Honestly, if you're at the point where you're using vinegar and sandpaper, just keep them as beaters or whatever and buy a new pair. Yeah, they're only $75-$100. Your time is more valuable than that. Not to mention whatever materials you need. OR, you could just pay some shoe repair shop to do it. But seriously, how the hell do you have any sole left?
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