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edit: for some reason I thought top was the top half of full grain. The leather is definitely a step up. Never really liked the suede versions. Felt sort of thin, but most importantly, got really dirty really quickly and at the price point, just aren't worth the effort/cost to clean. The beeswax was good, but was missing that higher quality leather look and feel. The Horween collabs seem to be meeting all my requirements for a casual shoe.
I bought the burgundy instead of an Alden Chukka in #8. So much cheaper and pretty comprable looks. The leather is definitely not first rate as there are lots of visible scars, but it's full grain.Buy it if it's the look you want. The quality is pretty darn good for the $120 I paid; IMO.
The .com version is down.Any more cordovan Alfred Sargents in the works?
Is the website down? I'm just getting a "hosted by" page.
Good to know.I only ordered two TM from Nialma and while good quality, I wasn't overawed by the fabric. Guess I'll stay away from Nialma. Pity as their 4 for 3 deal for TM was pretty darn good. Guess it's too good to be true anymore.
Nialma or PC?Haven't ordered any TM from PC. So, I wouldn't know.
Nialma has the 5 for 4 deal. PC is $25 off or whatnot. They keep changing it. Link in the sig for anyone is trying to find it.Why not just bring in your best fitting shirt to their B&M location and tell them what you like about it? They can do both and get as close as possible to what you want in the first try. Probably not going to be 100% perfect, but should be close.
Whenever I order shirts over the internet, I always send them shirt measurements. Chops out a lot of variables. Unless they mess up, I always get a shirt that fits. Maybe not perfectly the first time, but close enough.PC and Nialma's 5 for 4 deal offer the best bang for the dollar in internet MTM from all those I've tried. Nialma's probably the better value since the TM fabrics are cheaper to begin with and with 20% off....
So does B&L, but the picture shows some lower quality shoe trees. Shipping is only 10 GBP. Even with pediwear's 5% return customer discount, it's still a good 26 GBP difference. ~$50 USDI'd really like to know if they're made to the same specs as regular Tricker's. They're called the same thing.
Ludlow! Are you wafer thin? If not, I recommend you seriously reconsider buying the Aldridge. Not only will it fit better, but it is cheaper IIRC. J. Crew over BR monogram, IMO. No reason other than I don't like the BR monogram. Better yet, get a Joseph Abboud at the Rack.
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