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Like I said, retail return from a Nordstroms from across the country, marked to prevent return, sold at Last Chance for $40 for AE's, $60 for Santonis, etc etc.
Those are most likely the actual shoes. He bought them from Last Chance here in Phoenix. I don't know why Nordy's didn't restock them, perhaps they are scuffed somewhere, but whatever the case, it was a retail return. Those shoes are NOT what I'd call used. They're basically a shop display pair if anything.
Yes, that is the logical conclusion of what I wrote. I do not disagree with the statement.Maybe if the shoes in question were several thousand dollar bespoke shoes, perhaps resoling them in dainite is not a good idea, just in terms of insurance, looks, etc. But, it's not my shoes, I don't really care what people do with their stuff as long as it doesn't impact everyone else.
One looks like a cutaway and one looks like a point collar. The more material, the heavier the collar. Also, the longer one is wearing the shirt, the more droop I would imagine would happen.
I doubt any of us have worn a pair of shoes for enough miles and resolings (always with dainite) to even notice a difference. And even if we did, we probably wouldn't care since the shoe would be pretty darn worn out by that point anyway.
LE canvas? With their constant sales, J crew isn't that expensive. All relative though, what's your budget?
Really don't know whether the J Crew branded shoes are worth the cost given the other options available, but they don't seem to be junk either. In the end I don't know. They look decent enough. The other chukkas I was looking at were options from Cheaney, Loake, & Alfred Sargent. I think you can see them all at Herring Shoes, and Cheaney's website has another pebble grained option.
$350 price tag huh? Well, Alden CXL starts at about $400. Allen Edmonds made the Malvern until a few years ago. I was looking for a good Chukka and honestly just bought a Clark's Horween leather. $120 for a beater shoe, can't beat it.
1 recrafting - $100 1 brand new Horween Clarks - $120 Math does not compute. If a crepe resole was $25, I'd probably do it. Anything more and I would have to decide whether the uppers are worth another couple of years or not. But it's your money, you can do whatever you want. I just said what I'm going to do. It's really not up to you to decide for me or anyone else. I don't think the majority of SFers buy Clark's for long term durability.
I highly doubt I'd bother paying even $50 for a resole when my crepe sole wears out. At $120 they're completely consumable to me. I'll just donate them when they wear out. Which should be a couple of years from now judging by my older pair I just donated and still had a ton of life in the sole. Upper was dirty as hell. Either case, I don't see the point of having a different thread. They're just a better version of the Clark's DB. Economical and good looking beater shoe.
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