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What's the shoulder point-to-point. Thanks.
US or UK 9.5...?
what's the shoulder point-to-point? thanks. L.
is it 100% wool? when was it made? by whom? thanks. laurenzo.
what do you think goys? had been running to catch a show so wasn't about to adjust anything about my rumpled state for some photographer. was just about to get run down, though...
you look like a road-marking. or at least run over. never a smart move. fire the shirtmaker. anybody who'd be willing to sign off on a shirt that - is so tight in the chest it makes you look like you have moobies, rolls on the waistline, overlong arms, and has such an unflatteringly large stiff collar - shouldn't be let anywhere near your wardrobe.
Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I wouldn't have worn that tie with that suit. Yes too much plaid. It seems as thought your suit was a size too big when you bought it judging by the shoulders. If you get them chopped about 1/2" it would look great. Thanks for the advice. You may be right. Do you think it also shows the same problem here? (which I think might be a better idea of how it actually fits...)
too much plaid? the formalist.
the colours might not have come out quite right in the light... tan gabardine jacket - bespoke J.F. Lambie light grey plaid trousers - Reiss bengal stripe shirt - Lewin suede brogues - Alfred Sargent yellow whale-print tie - Vineyard Vines ps - Ede & Ravenscroft.
how about this one...? I thought the yellow really popped out of the blue and grey.
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