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Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington I don't think political science or english degrees are attractive at all, even from top schools, which is why motivated students in those programs will often hustle way more. It's a gamble though. I went into poli sci because I knew I would excel and enjoy it. I studied incredibly hard though, networked, and took a lot of classes that were quant/econ/stats heavy as hell to make myself more attractive to...
My sense is the concerns over business degrees stems from the fact that business majors have been doing as poorly as everyone else (in some cases poorer) in post-grad job placement. With business being the most popular undergraduate major in the U.S. now, it's of course harder to distinguish yourself. It's not that political science or English majors are more or less attractive to employers, I think; it's just that there are so many business majors out there, and being a...
I think it also depends a great deal on your individual school.
Read this first:
Quote: Originally Posted by Jorge Had not seen these before, from the Chickalot06 collection. [[SPOILER]] more can be found here Saw these at the Alden NYC store the other day. They're not very well-proportioned... would not recommend, personally.
Not my size, but bump for an incredible price
^ I am wearing those same socks today.
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor I checked the style number. It's 9750. I'm pretty sure that's the number for Ravello. As comparion I took a picture of your LWB in Whiskey and my LWB in Ravello. They are similar. Keep in mine that mine are almost brand new so that haven't had a chance to get lighter with age. I believe 9750 is the style number for Ravello longwings. In my experience, Ravello and Whiskey both darken with age, rather...
^ Tom did this twice at LS. Check with him, but overall I don't think so.
A related topic: a question was asked about "aging" shell by leaving it out in the sun a week or so ago. I was reminded of this yesterday when I was in the NYC Alden store. They had an Aberdeen captoe blucher in #8 (which I have -- great shoe, by the way) that had been sitting out on display for a while, and it looked almost artificially pink. The best "aging" comes through wearing! Nick Horween has written on this subject:
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