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Quote: Originally Posted by makewayhomer I have some shadow fail here, but here is the color of my new Ravello Wingtip boots. to my eye I see a lot of caramel/mid brown, not a lot of red like some other pics I have seen (like epaulet version of this boot) [[SPOILER]] The Epaulet version isn't red. My Epaulet wing tip ravello boots looked like this when they were new. Mine have a greater shine and have darkened with wear.
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 I actually like the look of the Barrie. It's the fit with the super wide heel that I hate. The Leydon looks very similar to the Barrie (which I like), and has a narrower heel (which I require). I think it's the best "gun boat" last. I wish Alden used it more. There was a suede longwing on the Leydon recently. It made me yearn for some shell longwings on the Leydon. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 I know what you mean. I hate the fit of the Barrie last. The heel is practically as wide as the toe box! I wish more retailers stocked more shoes on non-standard lasts. It does look good on some shoes. Boots in particular look good on the Barrie. The Grant captoes earlier in the thread, though, are beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by An Ex Parrot A single domestic fulfills the roles of both caddy and chauffeur? How gauche.
^ Everyone has their opinion on lasts. I dislike the Plaza intensely (both for fit and looks). Everyone else seems to love it... To each their own!
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh There was a LS grant captoe in calf a while ago. Hmm, could have sworn that Grant flex captoe came in cigar... I seem to remember Uncle Mac having this boot. One could always get the commando sole resoled, I suppose. Thank you for the link. Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Totally agree about the Grant LWBs looking...
Hmm I seem to remember seeing some cigar Grant captoe boots with a leather or waterloc sole at some point. Ring any bells with any of you internet bigtimers? The Grant last is very nice. An under-used last by Alden stockists, I think. The BB LWBs on the Grant look so much better than Barrie longwings.
Quote: Originally Posted by Returningson every bro on here wants to be Marlon Brando Right, forgot, Brando always rocks a Perfecto.
^ The Gap khaki -- which was, IIRC, a Mickey Drexler project when he was there -- affected the image of American bizcash forever, mostly in bad ways that have to do with ill-fitting pants with leg openings the size of my waist.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum what's it made of A nail.
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