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^ Barrie last in boots can look nice. Never seen an Indy on the Barrie, though, as those are usually on the Trubalance. The natural chromexcel plain toe boot on the Modified last is gorgeous. I think it's a Shoemart exclusive.
Hi folks, I've been talking with Keith about a potential shoe, and he suggested I post here to drum up interest. So far we don't have any bluchers, so (as hinted at above), I'd propose the following shoe: -Shortwing blucher -Color 8 shell -Aberdeen last -Regular (non-metal) eyelets -360 degree welt -Antique edgetrim -Double waterloc sole The idea behind this shoe is to provide a four-season, weather-friendly alternative to the popular #8 longwing on a sleeker last. The...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aquaphor Yeah regular leather sole would be good. Are standard Alden leather soles double or single? Double is more common, but they'll do single as well.
Quote: Originally Posted by mcarthur [[SPOILER]] cigar straight tip blucherargyles otc Very nice! I have this shoe in #8. Is yours on the Aberdeen last like mine? The captoe blucher has a bit more presence than the more common captoe bal. A very versatile shoe, I've found, that works as well with denim as with a suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Anyone catch the Epaulet pre-sale on the Ravello Wingtip Brixton Boot (all eyelets, no hooks). I snagged one of the last 9D available and can't wait, these could be the Ultimate boot. They are the ultimate boot. I have them and wear them often. The no hooks, ravello, and antique edgetrim combo is terrific. (I suppose they could be slightly more awesome with a double waterloc sole, but whatever.)
Quote: Originally Posted by TKJTG So I went into Renner's about a week ago and bought some Alden Indys. I wore them around for two days and unfortunately found that the stitching on the back near the sole had been faulty and that the back panel was coming loose. I took it back in to Renner's, they called Alden, and they asked that it be sent in for evaluation. Has anyone had any experience with this? The fellow at Renner's said they'll probably look at...
Do not wear any kind of chinos to a wedding unless it's an informal wedding. If it's cocktail attire, my guess is that chinos would look too dressed down next to others in suits, or anyone wearing trousers.
^ As much as my service experiences at the Madison Ave store have been bad, I will say that that might be a good idea; was just there and they had gotten in a huge amount of whiskey in over the past few months, including the LWB. They also have a whiskey monk and a very nice whiskey Aberdeen captoe bal.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger I have a new pair of 1947 LVC 501s. Should I worry about bleeding into a whiskey shell shoe if I wear them together? [[SPOILER]] Not if you cuff. Should be fine. Suede is generally more susceptible to denim bleeding. If you're worried, apply some conditioner, like Saphir Renovateur, to the your shell before wearing. Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger [[SPOILER]] Leather Soul? Very nice. The regular...
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor Those Ravello NST of mrUnicorns are lighter in color that the Whiskey NST that Mac is wearing today. I want a pair of Ravello NST but i'm afraid to order over the internet for fear of getting a light colored pair. When the Shoe Mart has its Alden sale i'm going to call see if they can pick me out a pair of Ravello's with a lot of red tones in them. Don't be afraid. I'm sure you'll be fine. The difference is,...
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