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Definitely! Piece came out great. Glad to see some love for the shawl collar cardigan.
I wear it year round. I'm actually in California right now and wore it the other weekend. (I think they just released it this past fall -- that's when I got it.)
It's a great jacket, and that price is insane. I paid full price for it and would do so again. Has gotten plenty of wear!
^ You gents look excellent. The tangerine linen trousers are just... yeah.
Brass eyelets and Barrie last? No thanks.I'll stick to the Epaulet Leydon version:
Quote: Originally Posted by Islander Is the brown chromexcel Pitt boot the same as the Context Roy boot except for the sole? I know they are Barrie vs. Trubalance, but any other differences? Quote: Originally Posted by CTYGGG Leather Soul with another great Alden makeup... Finally, someone doing a chromexcel plain toe boot without the dreaded crepe sole. Looks...
^ Bold coordination for summer. Ravello might have worked a bit better. Still, nice as always.
The gunmetal grey chinos are like the endangered Snow Leopard/Tasmanian Devil of chinos: rarely seen in the wild. Well, except on those who own them. I think about 50% of the time I see Mike, I'm wearing my gunmetal chinos. They're amazing. Shouldn't last long.
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