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^ Generally that shoe (the 975, or #8 longwing) is on the Barrie last, which generally requires that you size down a half size from your TTS size.   If you wear a 9D TTS, with the #8 longwing, you'd be an 8.5D most likely. Calling a trusted Alden retailer, like Epaulet or Leather Soul, or one of the Alden stores, is a good idea; they'd be able to give sizing advice over the phone and could take an order.
^ Those look like the most handsome golf shoes ever made.   (meant as a compliment)
^ Additionally, Alden's recrafting service is part of what makes them such an attractive value proposition to some -- being able to have your years-old shell shoes recrafted into basically new shoes for $125-$150 and have them last years more. The only other shoemaker making goodyear welted shoes in this price range that offers a similar service is Allen Edmonds, I believe, and for some of us, despite AE's generally excellent QC their subpar styling makes them less of an...
Not to be a downer but I think the Unionmade boots look too chunky on that crepe sole... Would prefer just a regular pair of 975s (#8 longwing bluchers).  
+1. It's excellent.
  [[SPOILER]]   Very nice. Which last are these on?
One week without Epaulet. It's like a bunch of junkies around here.   (myself included)
I would be on board for a cigar shortwing on the Grant, although I'd much rather do a blucher than a boot, especially if Mike at Epaulet is already getting a cigar shortwing boot on the Barrie in October.   I dislike the Barrie's shape on bluchers, but it looks terrific on boots; I have the Ravello version of that boot that everyone loves, and it's fabulous. The difference in shape would be more noticeable, IMO, if we did a blucher. Antiqued edgetrim, of course.
^ I don't own the midnight blue but I would say either, depending on your shirt and tie (if applicable) and your belt selection.
    Very nice. Looks like something I would wear. Those olive drab chinos are very slim fitting on you. Did you size down?   Is that grape oxford darted?
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