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This apparently has been a banner couple-of-years for Alden.   But yes, the occasionally do run out of rare shells. There was a months-long cigar shortage, I believe, four or five years ago.  
  Casual Friday in Brooklyn    
  I'm not Tom, but I can tell you that the Barrie has few fit issues if sized correctly. There may be slippage here and there, but if everything was made on the Aberdeen, for instance, tons more people would complain about it being a constricting last, as it is quite slim (for Alden at least).   That being said, if everything was on the Aberdeen and Grant lasts, I'd be a happy camper.     gfreeman, this has been my quest for ages. Join the club. As was mentioned, BB...
  QFT. And you don't have to be an out of towner to enjoy the Meatball Shop.   Can't wait to see the new Vanson goods and the sweaters when they go online!
^ Agree, with two caveats.   First, should be noted that any suede shoes should be treated with a suede protector to prevent stains and dirt, which is common for suede. I prefer Meltonian suede protector spray. It will darken your suede very slightly.   Second, many shells can go without wax polish, and can be shined just with Renovateur/Venetian cream and vigorous brushing. This leads to a more natural patina and darkening.
  Uncle,   Those cigar captoe bluchers are excellent. I have them in #8 -- Aberdeen last.   May I ask where you purchased them?   And, nice to see them with the Bordeaux Marcolianis. My favorite pair of socks.    
  [[SPOILER]]   Absolutely beautiful! The blucher style and the medallion captoe go so well together.  
  No, but the chino shorts do: http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1076/EP%27s-Rivet-Chino-Short/Detail   I think that's what you're looking for. They also come in Navy.
^ Also, suede protector on a pair of new suedes is generally recommended. Meltonian has worked for me in the past.
Go with color 8. If you like them dark, you can keep them dark through use of color 8 or black wax. On the other hand, if you like color 8's aging properties, you can let them age as well.
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