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True. $700 shell Aldens are inexpensive compared to $1600 shell Edward Greens.
    +1.   The Grant is an interesting last. It's on the sleeker side, which means less room in some areas like the toe, but still somewhat long. I take 10.5D in Leydon/Aberdeen/TTS, 10D in Barrie/Trubalance, and find that sizing down to 10D on the Grant is the best for me.   To size yourself, you can try ordering some of the Alden longwings made for Brooks Brothers, and then returning them (verify return policy, of course). They're on the Grant. Note that some of the...
Short answer: Same size.   Long answer: The Trubalance is the widest, chunkiest last Alden makes. Some people with narrower feet go down a width from their Barrie last size for their Trubalance size, but sizing them the same is just fine.   Another answer: Buy a different shoe. I think that, given your preferences, the #8 tanker from Leffot might be the way to go. Notice how the natural edgetrim enhances the look of the shoe...
"SF" around here generally means "StyleForum" (SF'ers being StyleForum posters, like you). Welcome!   The only other Alden retailer in the Bay Area that I know of is Unionmade, whose collection is generally small and custom. You can view their Aldens online.   The first page of this thread contains a partial list of Alden retailers. Notable ones include:   Alden stores in NYC, DC, and SF Leather Soul (Hawaii/Beverly Hills) Epaulet (Brooklyn/NYC) Leffot (NYC) ShoeMart (CT,...
^ They look great -- a nice shine in that pic.
  [[SPOILER]]   Very nice. The brown calfskin looks great. What have you treated it with?
Worth the wait. My pair has about a year of age on it. It's well worth waiting. They're amazing boots.     Leffot carries a Ravello captoe boot on the Grant last. It might be worth inquiring to see when they're getting that in -- if you're into another captoe boot, that is. It seemed like you had at least two already in your previous "family" posts.
^ +1 for the Crazy Horse. It's a very special, unique leather. And if you're not into the color variations, you can just use the included Pecards dressing to smooth out the color.   Also, I noticed (from an Epaulet list e-mail) that some of the new gingham shirts that dropped last month have been restocked, in particular, the purple/brown gingham cutaway. I wear this shirt often -- the fabric is unbelievable, and the cutaway collar looks terrific open or with a tie....
^ Bear in mind that the $90 is for resoling service, not recrafting. Recrafting is $120 and is more comprehensive.   Details here: http://www.bnelsonshoes.com/high_grade_shoes.asp
Free bump for a ridiculous price on these teriffic shoes. Nearly brand new!
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