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  Now now.
Condition and polish your damn boots.  
  This means that NAMOR will purchase the boots for you.   ;)
I stopped buying boots with speed hooks some time ago and never looked back. Removing them and replacing with eyelets is something only a shoemaker can do. A place like B. Nelson would be your only bet for "converting" a boot, but I would not count on them being able to do this.   It's not a pain to lace them every time. You have to lace boots every time you wear them whether they have hooks or not. I highly recommend boots without hooks. The look is clean, but retains...
Nice Ravello vibergs in the bottom pic ;)  
Alden neutral boot cream. Apply, brush vigorously, wear. Repeat. Polish if you must, but for brown chromexcel I believe polish is optional.  
^ Call or e-mail Shoemart to have them sign you up for the list. You will need to provide them with your size and width in U.S. sizing.   Nothing very interesting on the list for me. I may see if I can fit into 10.5C on the Aberdeen. I usually take 10.5D.
Who's the friendly retailer?  
  [[SPOILER]]   Love the ram's head medallion on the Plaza
  Renovateur and Venetian Shoe Cream are all I use on shell.   EDIT: Roughly speaking, Renovateur for conditioning. Venetian for shine, although each item does both.
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