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I own the American Westminster 3 and the Brooks Brothers version of the SAB top-frame case, so I thought I would add a couple of notes for others who might be considering one of these. 1) I realize that for some people the difference between a hand-sewn bag and a machine-stitched one is vital and important, but the extra handwork on my Westminster 3 has meant pretty little to me. Unless you are completely committed to the virtues of hand-crafting, I suspect that you...
Very interesting post. Thanks for taking the time to compile all of this material and to write it up.
I have spent a lot of time thinking about this question, as I wear one or the other almost every day. I think they are versatile in slightly different directions. Both are great with cords/flannels and an odd jacket. Both are great with jeans. I feel a little bit weird going with longwings when I am wearing khakis, but, at least in the United States, I think you can swing them with at least some suits. By contrast, I like the PTB with khakis/chinos, but I think they can...
Thanks for the photos. Lots of full body shots here, so lots of images of shoes. I think that WAH might be wearing blucher wingtips in the third photo (and bluchers in the photo where he is at the bottom of the airplane stairs), though it is very hard to tell from the photos. It also seems that the standard business shoe of the day came with six eyelets rather than five (the guy to WAH's left [our right] in the third picture is sporting a seven-eyelet captoe, I think)....
Just returned from sale. I don't think the offerings were quite as nice as in some years past, but there were still a few nice pieces. The shoe offerings for my 9/9.5 foot were pretty limited, but there were some basic staple options (though not in great quantity) in 8 and below--black cap toes, black punch caps, and the like. $250 seems like a lot for the less successful SC experiments, but it's a great deal on any PS basic wardrobe shoe. Hope a forum member is able to...
Amazing. Thanks for posting all of this fascinating information.
L. B. Sheppard Hanover longwings in shell cordovan--either whiskey or the ever-elusive mahogany. Hanover shell
I have two pairs of the LB Sheppard Signatures (a tan plain toe blucher and a #8 shell plain toe blucher). Both are clearly marked "LB Sheppard Signatures" on the insole. I agree with the other posters that these were very good shoes back in their day--probably not as good as Nettleton, Alden, or vintage Johnston & Murphy (vintage J & Ms can be really, really nice), but still very solid all the same.
Some fairly interesting vintage Nunn-Bush captoes. The very narrow (AAA) size gives the shoes a little added elegance. I can't tell definitively from the pictures, but it looks like the shoes have closed channels, which is not all that common on the vintage American shoes I've found on Ebay. Vintage Nunn-Bush
Wow, this is really horrible news. I was due to pick up three pairs of resoled shoes from B. Nelson tomorrow. I guess those plans will have to change. But did my shoes become the assets of B. Nelson when I left them for repair (as if a shoe repair store were something on the order of a pawn shop)? Are the customers simply hosed or will there ultimately be some way for them to reclaim their property?
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