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Quote: Originally Posted by Manton I for one want the narrowing to be perceptible. I also don't want the patches to symetrical. The outer edge should end a little higher than the inner, and should also curve in a little more sharply toward the top. Unfortunately, this would be too avant-garde for my tailor... I think it takes a great eye and skill to make this work. I've seen it on an Italian bespoke coat and I thought it looked nice but a...
The jacket should be around 38 Short.
Is there a standard size for patch pockets on sportcoats? I'm getting a bespoke sportcoat made (blue Irish 14oz linen, quarter lined, welted breast pocket) and the tailor tried some paper pocket mockups during the fitting. I wanted them bigger but the tailor said they would look awful / out of balance. It's really hard to tell without seeing the end result. He also mentioned that the pockets should narrow at their opening. The height of the side vents is 9.5 inches...
If you don't feel it's good enough, go for a slim fit. It should make you happier. On a subjective note, the cuff length is a tad too long, the sleeves are too long and the waist could be taken in. Also, you may want to experiment with the collar size/spread. In overall, it's not bad and definitely better than most RTW shirts. Enjoy it!
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