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There is no email on his business card either. Nonetheless, Roberto speaks English, so, he is only a phone call away!
Sorry, no darts for me either. Some shirtmakers will insist but that's because of their seamstresses' incompetence. If they can't do it, go somewhere else; do not insist, they'll fail. Darts look cheap because: a) Folding a piece of fabric to hide the excess does not resonate well with bespoke and, b) Darts can be added by anybody - no special skill is needed. Of course, if you like the look of darts, it's your call. The rise of your pants may affect how the shirt...
No. They look feminine, they attract attention, they are a sign of a less competent tailor (in case of bespoke). Of course, if you never take off your jacket, it doesn't matter.
Their customer service was excellent. The fit was very good also. Unfortunately, the leather started falling apart after less than a season. You get what you pay for...
I find cuffs on cords too old fashioned. Also, they are not really needed since the fabric is heavy enough. If you insist, they may look good if the bottoms are narrow.
Brooks Brothers took in the waist in a pair of pants I purchased recently by simply closing the split; I was not impressed. Nonetheless, I think their primary purpose is for aesthetic reasons.
Your tailor is expressing a personal opinion. Go with what you prefer. You can make up you mind in the first fitting.
You could sand the sharp corners and edges to make some shoe-trees a little bit more refined. These sharp edges might scratch the inside of your shoe each time you insert/remove the trees. Hand sanding or Dremel sanding will do the job. Sanding the whole tree is probably an overkill unless you enjoy this type of work.
This looks beautiful already! I'm surprised you are not wearing a shirt in your first fitting. Come on, who's the tailor?
Well in this case, let's not wear the "oft-rediculed" ties, cufflinks, pocket squares, colored socks... Your argument is a funny conversation starter but it doesn't really hold much water...
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