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A little better photos. Navy blue double breasted jacket, white cotton shirt, five dollar ascot, hat by J.Crew.
Trying out an ascot. Planning to wear one to a function this Friday.
(Un)Fortunately so few people even know about black tie it isn't an issue. I, myself had to substitute a white shirt for a proper tuxedo (or studded) shirt due to a pre-event mishap. As long as you don't draw too much attention to it, let your natural charisma and savior faire carry you through it.
Did an early semi-formal garden party. Wore the ivory dinner jacket topped off with a boater -- before Memorial Day and north of the 45th parallel. Rocked it.
Especially considering that you can probably get them new at the same price.
Um... I don't think antler velvet is a viable fabric. You might be thinking of the silk velvets of years past.
But but but...It's the transitional time of year.Come to think of it I usually have a jacket and take it off. I cannot stand the shirt/tie without a jacket/vest look.
Oh and I'd like to think that there is a little bit of Vox in all of us. *Proceed with the dick jokes you cretins.
Needs a belt to make is spy worthy.
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