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And here is my outer layers today as I bike in 40mph gusts
Remember, no worries if you like the fit, style, and the price. If you wind up feeling ripped off then definitely you should be upset.
I've been eyeing this umbrella for months. I finally bit the bullet and bought it. "Supposed" a limited edition, here is link to one of the vendors that still have them: They charged $11.00 in shipping to the US. Still cheaper than this umbrella was at J. Crew.
Boxing Day ascot.
The problem with chemicals will often arise under two conditions: Skin irritation and long term exposure. If you can find out what those chemicals were and get a Material Data Safety Sheet on them that would tell you everything. Under most circumstances there will be no effect. You might want ti expose some skin to the fabric and see if it irritates you and don't wear it every day. To ease your concerns, I have a old tunic that was washed several times in the finest...
A slight derail, for those of you in the north of continents and need frostbite ear protection: The "Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones" work excellent. The main complaint is that they are too warm in the summer, but with strong winds at temps below -15 F or C they are surprisingly comfortable. The down side is they don't work with pom-pom hats and helmets (for bike commuters and those public transit locations where your pom-pom knit hat is an...
A little better photos. Navy blue double breasted jacket, white cotton shirt, five dollar ascot, hat by J.Crew.
Trying out an ascot. Planning to wear one to a function this Friday.
(Un)Fortunately so few people even know about black tie it isn't an issue. I, myself had to substitute a white shirt for a proper tuxedo (or studded) shirt due to a pre-event mishap. As long as you don't draw too much attention to it, let your natural charisma and savior faire carry you through it.
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