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Especially considering that you can probably get them new at the same price.
Um... I don't think antler velvet is a viable fabric. You might be thinking of the silk velvets of years past.
But but but...It's the transitional time of year.Come to think of it I usually have a jacket and take it off. I cannot stand the shirt/tie without a jacket/vest look.
Oh and I'd like to think that there is a little bit of Vox in all of us. *Proceed with the dick jokes you cretins.
Needs a belt to make is spy worthy.
Sparky crackle panty are fun party pants. Why do you judge us?
I agree with the following:1.) all fibers have electronic fields at the atomic level2.) similar fabrics have similar electronic fieldsMostly because all atoms have (1) and (2) is vague enough to be true depending on the definition of "similar".
Tweed. Everything is better with tweed.
Does Travis pee on the clothing though?
Sandals, loafers.
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