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Joakim Noah to Derrick Rose critics like Charles Barkley: ‘Chill the f— out’ http://nypost.com/2014/11/14/joakim-noah-to-derrick-rose-critics-like-charles-barkley-chill-the-f-out/
+1He wanted to review/edit because the original question was asked of him. If you would have sent without him adding the additional wording, he may have thought that you were a dope(for not adding it) and had to deal with a followup e-mail.
5* thread...
Bad forecast. Rain not snow in NYC.Up north..maybe some flurries.
You can, but he will probably be late to the blame ceremony.
Harvey Birdman....
Depends on her record. If she has no previous record, nada is going to happen to her. She ain't doing jail time.Listen...no damage to the 8 Ball guy. Basically, it was a slap fest.Sue the city for what?
No previous offense......10000% probation. 5 years probation is a stretch.And probably down to a lesser count.
Felony is not really the issue. Different things come into play. First offense? Etc.The video certainly didn't help her. No vid and if both didn't have previous offenses, they probably word have been released ROR(released on their own recognizance.)
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