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Pics needed.
Jeans or shorts/sweats are the ONLY things you can wear them with.
I saw Rush on a plane. Thought it was good. Also say Prisoners(the first time) on a plane.Wolf of Wall St.....I thought was over-rated.
Really?Did you see Dallas Buyers Club/12 Yrs A Slave/Captain Phillips?(I didn't name those off of the top of my head...I looked at 2013 movies online and selected what I saw.)Prisoners is ok. When it is on and nothing else is, i find myself watching some of it. But it is also VERY long and drawn out. It's watchable...but i don't consider it anything special.I will watch Gone Girl again beaus I did fall asleep during certain parts. However, I just don't get it re what I saw.
Much of the above is correct.Construction is not the only reason for scaffolding. Just about anything that is done maintenance wise on a building requires scaffolding. issues on the roof, which you won't see, requires scaffolding. Etc.
I was in a text conversation with 4 friends during the Porter v AB fight. I text'd that Ward was also fighting on BET. None of them believed me. They were laughing when they realized that it was true.
I stopped watching after the 5th or 6th round. Just a "top" sparring session...which he needed.
This.Broner is just trying too hard to be PBF Jr. Even in defeat, he talks shit. "I can take his girl out." What a joke.I saw an interview with him this week where he said that he will be the main attraction after 36 minutes on Sat(Or something like that.) I guess not.
Finally caught that last night. A few thoughts..... I don't get all of the "praise" for this film. I fell asleep a few times(not more than 10 minutes) and will need to re-watch again from start to finish. It was WAY too long for an ending that wasn't groundbreaking...or even interesting. I didn't see any performance that deserved praise. It sort of reminded me of the movie "Prisoners." VERY long...watchable...but nothing special. But I will re-watch again when it...
New Posts  All Forums: