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Pics please. (Come on...make this easy.)
# 3 is ok...though I never roll up my jeans that much. Get them shortened with the original hem. (Don't like either hat with the outfits.)
Out With the Sweet, in With the Tweet: The New ‘Sugar’ Shane Mosley http://grantland.com/the-triangle/boxing-sugar-shane-mosley-twitter-ricardo-mayorga/
I also wear a suit pretty much all the time when I am working. I sometimes wear a sports-coat/slacks on Fridays. I don't take my jacket off at the office. After work/weekends....I look homeless.
Nope. Not an MD.
I am also in finance. I keep my suit/tie on pretty much all day. I may walk to the subway in the AM holding my jacket until the train comes. But then my jacket is on until I get home.
Get the grey ones. Tough to see under/through a shirt.
Esthetic: You need to wear/consider tees with a deeper V. Something like this:http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-heattech-v-neck-s-slv-t-shirt-078059.html
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