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^^This is what needs to happen IMO.Each person who has an order needs to take responsibility and look for a solution....for themselves.
Knowing how to press/iron trousers/shirt is a MUST. If one doesn't know how to do this..........
I watched that when it first came out on DVD. Can't tell you one thing about the movie.
Do you wear a lot of hats? If so, stop. let your hair/head breathe. Same thing is you wash your hair daily. Stop.
Agree with this...for the most part. As you said in a previous post, declaring bankruptcy(or whatever the term is in Korea...and if pushed because of this option) may prevent anyone from getting anything.I truly feel that when you provide info like this, you are looking to attempt to bridge a resolution to this issue.But then, you say this ^^.Ok. Posting on the internet can/may be a hassle.But what about the customers who have paid and can be contacted via e-mail? Is that...
The only person that can answer that is not answering the requests for updates.......so: [[SPOILER]]
Another FG!
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