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Time for a new pair.
Going anywhere?
Sorry. That's not how the "system" works.
Ok. Let's try this again. It would depend on the label/designer/etc.An Adidas/Kanye show would not require a suit from men attending. A Tom Ford show, maybe more so.Adidas/Kanye:Tom Ford:
I mean, this is a basic question. So many people come to forums for the most basic shit.The answer is that if you own it and like it....wear it.Would you really allow forum members who you don't know dick about to dictate such a basic issue as yours?I mean...come on.
$2 and a dream....
Your outfit is a pair of khakis and a sweater/sweatshirt. It looks fine. Stop overthinking this and feeling the need to get SF 'approval." (Though if the sweater/sweatshirt is tucked in, I would not do that.)
What are/is "smart" shoes/shirt?
Incorrect.It depends on what show you are going to see.
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