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Especially khakis and a navy blazer.
Conversely, it can look very sloppy and high school-ish. VERY.
That's a silly argument.It's the same way that the Bengals graded Ki-Jana Carter higher than Terrell Davis. Shit happens and NFL personnel people get it wrong sometimes.And sometimes, what a player develops into is different than what he looked like coming out of college.
I know that. That's why I wrote "bowlS" and not win a Super BOWL.
He needs to start winning some Super Bowls....or at least getting to them.
That's Harold Falcon speak right thurrrr.
I don't like khakis at all. Don't even own a pair. However, is that is the option, follow Veremund's advice above.
They start to "cry" after their attorneys tell them that they are preparing suit vs the school district!
Tks for the pics.
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