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I would donate that jacket/suit. I couldn't really wear it.
Bump after the recent discussion in the WAYWRN: CLASSIC MENSWEAR, CASUAL STYLE - PAGE 1242 thread....
We should take this "hip hop/rap" discussion here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/212029/all-things-hippity-and-hoppity/1320
Yep. Call a spade a spade. It's an "extension."
Listen...I know who the dude is and what he produces and what the album sounds like. I understand that he has his roots in hip hop.That ain't rap/hip hop!
Why? They won't open the envelopes/cards there. Just give what you can and don't stress it.
Yep.And I don;t consider that rap/hip hop at all.
The best album of any genre in the last 30 years? Surely you jest!
I mean...come on. SF is a global community. Every station is not available to everyone. What NY, LA, Chicago, etc has may not be available in other parts of the US...let alone the World.
Exactly. The radio is not the place to listen to quality rap.
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