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Don't get caught up with the fact the the women are wearing X and the need for the men to wear something with that color. That is just silly. Have the men wear a grey suit/white shirt/etc. Let the women do what they want.
You could not pay me to go and watch the draft. ANY draft.A few years ago, a vendor had a luxury box for the NFL draft at MSG.....He invited a me and a few colleagues. I passed. After the first round......I could not give a fuck.
This sounds more like a prom with all the matchy-matchy(women and men.)Do you realize that the men don't in any way have to "match" what the women are wearing for the wedding party to look great?
+1No matter what, I wear a suit to a wedding.
-I would not wear chinos.-Your GF is right.
she has none to show....
Mass panic the likes of which NYC has never seen....
Same here. Friends always bring booze. No food....I can't until 9pm to eat as I will be drinking from earlier in the day(Derby Day.)I also hear that the main even walkout won't be until midnight.....so pacing oneself is key.
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