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Mike Bloomberg is back and Dan Doctoroff will be out at Bloomberg.
Tell your sis to get better neighbors.
Hahahah. Stick to TWC.
But that^^ only makes sense if the OP knows what he is doing. If he is not sure of his shirt sleeve length, he is not sure of his jacket sleeve length. So if he is getting shirts made, try it on with a jacket to gauge the sleeve length.
No. Try the shirt on with a suit jacket/sport coat/blazer. Then You will be able to gauge the sleeve length. Why guess when you can know for sure.
Agree. I was in the city around noon in some shorts and a linen shirt and the NYU area was packed with new chicks going to class. Gotta love NYC.
I am not talking out my ass.Ok, your mom had a great shift and off weekends for 30+ years. Guess what, shit changes due to wasteful spending.Does your mommy also bitch for you when you have job issues? Does she call in sick for you?
You need more than 3 suits.
They left it at the neighbor so that they would not have to go back the next day to attempt to deliver it. It seems that your sister's neighbor is a bit of an idiot to "lose" a package. Recourse? Did you have insurance?
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