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Fuck that. The Thurs before the 4th? What are your plans for the wknd? if you are staying local, just rent a car...drive to the wedding and then back home the same day/evening. Wake up at home and start your 3 day wknd! Yeah..you can't get loaded, but you have the rest of the wknd for that.
If you planning on wearing with a/that tee shirt..then ok. With a shirt, it will be a different fit.
Tru dat!
A Thurs? WTF! Better than the time that I was best man at a wedding ON 4th of July wknd Sat. 90+ degrees. No booze. Mucho delays(close to 3hrs because they could not find a pre-made CD with all the reception songs.) Horrible time was had by many! But it doesn't matter. $200 is fine regardless.
^^ That's different from chaining a bike to a fence and leaving it for days.
But why should you assume that you can chain your bike to someone's gate? Go chain it to a light-post. Carry it up to your apartment. Don't just chain it and assume that it is ok. It looks like shit when loads of shitty bikes(and those are the ones chained) are up and down a block.
You see "Presumed innocent" w/Mr Ford? Another quality flick.
Recently started watching this. Enjoying it! It reminds me of Californication....but the main character is not a sex-aholic as much. Australian legal series with a touch of comedy. Oh...the main character's name(nickname)is Cleav!
I don't blame her.There are bikers who chain bikes to gates on my block. The homeowners will post signs that by X date, they are cutting the locks and throwing all bikes away. Just because you want to ride a bike doesn't mean that my house if your "garage."
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