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Navy suit. White shirt. Conservative tie. Wait...a black tie? No. And no tie clip. This is no time to showcase your fashion "sense"! Black suits = Waiter or cat burglar.
Some businesses have a process re resumes. A specific HR rep could handle specific departments(larger companies.) You may have to be patient. The 1 time that I pushed a resume for someone I know, I knew the HR rep(not well, but I knew her) and she said that she would take care of it.That week, she left the company. My friend's resume got lost in the mix and I don't believe she was ever called in for an interview.The good thing is that you can pick his brain: Is a week+ a...
I love throwing this CD on:
Booze. (Why would you suggest a tie if he seldom wears one? And you may not know his taste. Just because it has a "name" doesn't mean everyone will like it.)
You can't stop it from happening. People will try to sell ANYTHING on ebay...real of fugazy.
Wait...you want your tie to "match" the desert? Oh boy!
You have both sizes and have tried them. Keep the ones that fit better. What could you possibly expect someone to say/comment re the fit? You have them on. You are REALLY making this more of an issue than it should be.
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