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Sounds like the salesman was out stock on mediums.
+1 to all of these responses. Just another day in NYC!
This was so-so. I like A Friel fan so that is what made me watch. I just can't used to British detectives rushing into harrowing scenes unarmed....alone.
I thought this was pretty good.Somewhat of a spoiler below. [[SPOILER]]
I should have clarified further. I liked the look of some of their models, but was not interested in buying one. Just was interested in hearing as I didn't know much about the company. Some good feedback.
No clue as to the first question.I REALLY would like to see Khan win big. I mean, he should not go into this fight intimidated at all after stepping up to fight Canelo. But once again, he needs to not get caught big...which will always be his downfall.I don't even watch Pac fights anymore. I will watch it well as all of the fights listed above. A good few months for fight fans.
This thread has been quiet! Will there be a response?
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