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How about expanding and buying something other than AE.
You are REALLY trying too hard!
I'm a vodka drinker. I buy the big bottle of Stoli for $35(plus tax) at Warehouse vs close to $60 at my local store 2.5 blocks from my casa. They also have some of the better prices for spirits in NYC.
The toilet wasn't in the bathroom?
I did read that about the wings either online somewhere..or in some newspaper.
Tell her to take it down. Simple.I was at a bbq/party this summer at a friend's casa. I took 90% of the pics. Other's took flicks with cell phones and posted on FB. I don't do FB. People showed me some pics of me on their pages. i asked them to take them down. They did.Other people(close friends) asked me to send them a link with the pics that I took(appr 400). I told them, do NOT post pics of anyone's children online and don't forward the links to anyone else.Speak up if...
Nice flicks. Looks like a good time. Congrats!Don't let small stuff like the fit of your tux overshadow what the event was(I know that you haven't!)
I'm in.
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