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Wow. Too bad you don't live in NYC. I have had countless pairs of those Tims throughout my lifetime. Never paid retail. I have a pair right now on my landing right outside my front door. Used those when I was shoveling snow this past Winter.
Solid flick. That was not my favorite of his.
I would keep both. They are very different.If I HAD to choose 1, I would keep the bottom pair.(But after taking a look at some more pics of the racers, I'm not so sure.)
Never at full retail. NEVER.
Yep.or Toro on 10th Ave.
Waldorf is a shade of what it once was. Can do much better in NYC. (Pros may still be AOK.)
No more Subway foot-longs for him. 5 yrs minimum in federal jail. Idiot!
Store properly.
A) Plan to lose weight B) Find a men's shelter in your area and donate it.
New Posts  All Forums: