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I have been to a traditional Indian/Jewish wedding where one event was in the AM and the other in the PM(I know that it is different.) Indian was very festive and colorful. 2nd ceremony was much more traditional(Jewish side was not very Jewish.)All I did was bring/wear a fresh shirt and change my tie for the evening ceremony.. No need to overthink this.
Yessir. Should have done that a while back.
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Just scanned a Yahoo article re FMJ vs Rhonda Rousey and who would win. How stupid are these comparisons getting? I mean, she is really trying to prop herself up by knocking him. Is she really that mad that he said(way back when) that he didn't know who she was? Get over that shit.
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Anyone see the Amy documentary yet?
Do with that guy ^^ said.
I would untuck the shirt.
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