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100%.Then dumb it down for the taste buds over here. Also, they can't get the best/truest ingredients here in NY no matter what they say or who the chef is.Joya by me is ok.....very inexpensive for good portions.Pok Pok is overpriced and built on the chef's reputation.The most authentic thing at both places is the Asian bottled beer.
You ever been?
The same reason why Target, car companies, cell phone co's etc. lets other people do a collaboration/design/pitchman. They think it will sell if you put a celebrity name on it.
Will check out that cookbook.Subscribe to this guy's blog if you haven't. He has some good info on Thailand/food/recipes:http://migrationology.comRe Thai restaurants in NYC........Honestly, I have't found anything that I love. I have been to Thailand many times(3 times just this year) and it's just not the same.I live walking distance from Pok Pok here in Brooklyn. Also 2.5 blocks from Joya on Court Street. 2 different places/styles but neither capture Thai food as good as...
Not sure what this means.Businessmen can't know about Thai supermarkets and also like to travel?
Was at Warehouse Wines & Liquors in the Village earlier. I get on line. 2 chicks in front of me with 2 bags willed with wine. Check-out girl is holding the Citi debit card. Chick/customer is scrolling through her phone. I am standing there saying, WTF. Chick/customer scrolling through her phone finally says, "Here is an e-mail to me with my name." Mgr comes over. He says, WTF. Customer says...see, the name on the card is XYZ and here is an e-mail to me,...
It's a great country. As stated, it's cheap to live/get buy, weather is nice and hot(just avoid the rainy season), great nightlife. loads of things to do during the day, GREAT food, etc.You ever check out this place in Chinatown: http://www.bangkokcentergrocery.comThey have some good Thai ingredients. I was just down there over the wknd.
Source: Vontaze Burfict's tackles against Panthers to be reviewed by NFL http://sports.yahoo.com/news/source--nfl-to-review-vontaze-burfict-s-tackles-005423830.html This is some real BS. Fine/suspend this dude heavily!
I missed the first 10 minutes of Reservation Road...but understood what happened. Good flick IMO.
Cal Ripken brings NOTHING to the table as an announcer for these playoffs...NADA!
New Posts  All Forums: