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You are REALLY trying too hard!
I'm a vodka drinker. I buy the big bottle of Stoli for $35(plus tax) at Warehouse vs close to $60 at my local store 2.5 blocks from my casa. They also have some of the better prices for spirits in NYC.
The toilet wasn't in the bathroom?
I did read that about the wings either online somewhere..or in some newspaper.
Tell her to take it down. Simple.I was at a bbq/party this summer at a friend's casa. I took 90% of the pics. Other's took flicks with cell phones and posted on FB. I don't do FB. People showed me some pics of me on their pages. i asked them to take them down. They did.Other people(close friends) asked me to send them a link with the pics that I took(appr 400). I told them, do NOT post pics of anyone's children online and don't forward the links to anyone else.Speak up if...
Nice flicks. Looks like a good time. Congrats!Don't let small stuff like the fit of your tux overshadow what the event was(I know that you haven't!)
I'm in.
That's right. They definitely don't season it like true Thai dishes. Not as spicy. They would rather add "flair" vs being true to the recipes.Pok Pok for example say that they serve Northern Thai dishes. One of their biggest sellers is the Vietnamese fish sauce wings......Huh? People are comfortable with chicken wings seasoned in a way that they don't usually get at regular Chinese places. And Pok Pok can claim whatever recipe they wish. However, I have never seen chicken...
You can't go wrong with Thailand.....Cathay had a sale just recently for fares to various Asian cities. NYC to Bangkok(by way of HK) was appr $850 economy vs appr $1300 regularly. You had to travel before March(I believe) and the only blackout dates were the entire month of Dec.You could not select your seat until 48 hrs when you checked in online. So there was a chance that I could have been stuck with a middle/window seat for the 15hr part of the flight(NY>HK and back.)....
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