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Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver to be arrested Thursday on corruption charges: report Long time coming.... http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/assembly-speaker-silver-arrested-report-article-1.2087758
The Fall
Solid list.
These guys also know that they can't get a woman to swoon over them in their home country and are willing to pay for the company in SE Asia.....Sad.
Just don't delete it. That's your confirmation that you took the training and acknowledge the "penalties."
Def will...but I know that I won't get to it for a while. I have appr 10 books in my "queue."
Seriously....sit at any bar on Soi Nana aka Soi 4 off of Sukhumvit Road.Nana Entertainment Plaza is right there(one of the 3-4 major Bk RLD's.)The Golden Bar(connected to the Nana Hotel) is a great bar for "people watching." You can see the men walking by with the "girls" and you can see the atmosphere across the street at Nana Plaza.
New Posts  All Forums: