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Ok.I didn't find some of his "offbeat" live comedy very funny. I know that was his M.O., but I wasn't into it. Some people like that stuff...some don't. I don't.
I am just saying that I was just not a fan. There are loads of actors and comedians that I like more than RW. I am not saying that what he did was not good.....I was just not a fan of his.
I was also not a fan.
^^This puzzles me. It is rather simple IMO.
-First question. Press/iron the back of the jacket lightly. Use a buffer(i use a handkerchief.)-Second question. Press them yourself. Learning how to iron is a BASIC skill that a man should have. Not sure you need a youtube vid for it, but if it helps, go for to.
Always liked this flick:
You realize you bumped a 4+ yr old thread?No.
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