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Janay Palmer is finally breaking her silence about the video showing Ray Rice beating the crap out of her in a hotel elevator -- defending Ray and blaming the media. In a post from her Instagram page Tuesday morning, and verified by the Baltimore Sun, Janay Rice writes, "I woke up this morning feeling like I had a horrible nightmare, feeling like I'm mourning the death of my closest friend. But to have to accept the fact that it's reality is a nightmare in itself." She...
Er, because the survey is just spitting out what seems to be BS so how could that help with "ad targeting"?This is what you should do in the future with surveys: have a few non members take it. If it is accurate, then have members take it. If it isn't accurate(kinda like this one), keep your receipt and get a refund.
Forget things like working button holes and focus on fit and quality.
Title of this thread needs to be changed. Just saying.
That ^^.
You're a Tech Buff ^^ So wrong/incorrect....... Whoever paid for this survey.........
Polo perfection is a hot topic? Thee are 7 posts In the thread.
The Microsoft Engine That Nailed The World Cup Is Predicting Every NFL Game — Here Are Its Picks For Week 1 http://finance.yahoo.com/news/microsoft-engine-nailed-world-cup-143528755.html Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks — Seahawks win (74.2% chance) New Orleans Saints at Atlanta Falcons — Falcons win (61.4% chance) Minnesota Vikings at St. Louis Rams — Rams win (67.4% chance) Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers — Steelers win (70.2% chance) Jacksonville Jaguars...
You must have cleaned up on the boys in your town.
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