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That is a SILLY look for a wedding. This is not about YOU being the "dandy" that day.If you like that look, by all means, replicate it...just not at a wedding. No one wants to be at a wedding talking about the "clown" who made a scene with his outfit.
There is the answer to your question.
No clue....Hill?
This is some BS! Manny Pacquiao-Chris Algieri title fight set for Nov. 22 in Macau http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/boxing/manny-pacquiao-chris-algieri-fight-set-for-nov--22-in-macau-134345974.html
Don't ask them.They should handle shipping. It was their mistake.It is a nice bag.....but that first pic.......would you buy that in a store for $300/full price...or would you ask the store if they had another one without the "imperfection?"There is your answer!
No. And accept a product that is "inferior?" Would you accept shoes/shirt/TV/camera/etc that was dinged up a bit that you purchased as new?They agreed to fix it..no?
That should have been a no-brainer without having to ask SF.
Also, if you are in NYC, how is going to C21 a trip? (Unless you never make it to the city.)
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