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Did they deserve anything less? People pay big money for those tickets and those players DIDN'T live up to what was expected...especially the 2nd half of the season.Booing is part of sports. They played like shit. They got a shit response.
If you wear All Stars every day, they will wear down/out.
Matt Barnes drove 95 miles to 'beat the s–t' out of Derek Fisher http://nypost.com/2015/10/07/matt-barnes-attacks-knicks-coach-fisher-for-dating-ex-wife/
Why not simply avoid circumstances where you will need to fight?
It would look ridiculous.
This is probably a re-post. I watched it again over the wknd. Good flick. Similar to Body Heat. A wife starts an affair with a single guy after getting fed up with her marriage. A few twists and turns along the way. Madeleine Stowe in her prime was a great looking woman! 3/5
+1I covered Puerto Rico and the Caymans for work several years ago.I would go to meetings in a suit/tie and my clients would welcome me in khakis and polo shirts. They would say..."You didn't need to get dressed up for me."If I lived in those regions, I might do the same.Totally different argument.
I don't buy ties based on patterns/stripes/etc. I don't buy ties to match shirts/etc. I buy ties that I like(I have appr 100.) When you have a few, then you can mix/match with just about every outfit you have.
You can wear either with a navy suit. Personal preference.
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