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Just started:
People are doing the challenge AND donating:Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $22.9M for ALS Associationhttp://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/ice-bucket-challenge-raised-22-9-million-als-association-article-1.1909266
Funny shit!
I didn't make it.I was out at Coney island for the 80th anniversary of Ruby's Bar(on the boardwalk) and didn't feel like going to PP right after. I needed a shower and a change of clothes.
Out of those, # 3.
Don't like the shirt at all...ESPECIALLY the collar.
Some of my choices:-Argo-12 Years a Slave-Moneyball-The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo-Bridesmaids-Flight-Zero Dark Thirty-Dallas Buyers Club-Inside Llewyn Davis(still not sure how I feel about this flick)
New Posts  All Forums: