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Beers help with that.
Wow. I actually am agreeing with your post!Several years ago.....a bunch of us helped a friend move. We got to his place and 1/2 of the work/packing wasn't done. His wife was sitting in the bedroom playing with her son.A few hours in, she had the nerve to ask(out loud)..."When are you guys going to be done?"
The last time my friends helped me move(10 years ago), we met up early that morning. I bought everyone breakfast. After, I took them all to dinner a few blocks from my place. We also had beers throughout the move.That is the least that I can do.
I would have smacked the shit out of my wife for volunteering. Just saying.
Simmer down...
Just watched the replay......
Not if it's a "straight" suit jacket.
Nope.Beyonce for best rap album?
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