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I have a few questions/statements based on the posts on this page(didn't feel like quoting everything): -What does a top MMM fighter make in a championship fight vs a top opponent(I actually don't know....so seriously asking.) -I agree 100% that a MMM fighter would kill boxer if they fought with MMM rules and vice versa. That's just a given. -The reason that I am not into MMM is that I just haven't watched it much. I have loads of respect for all those guys and everyone...
The only person I want to see GGG fight ASAP is Canelo.
Raising her hand is enough IMO if that if how you teach your children. Reprimanding her in front of others at dinner for not waiting to raise her hand is silly.
You once again are "trying" to prove that you know more than everyone else. Yet you don't. Sorry.Re-read the thread if you need to.
Sounds like a dick.
Did you have to ask an online forum what/how much to give for those weddings? Well pB did. So he already admitted that he has no clue. You state that you do(probably in consultation with your wife.) Ok.if members would have suggested $5K for a wedding that he admitted that he wasn't even gung-ho about attending, he may have felt that the amount was crazy. pB's significant other is in Cambodia. Doubtful she is also going or he would have mentioned it.He didn't want to get a...
But he isn't. The $200 number is for pB based on this thread.Again, obviously, a starving student may only be able to give $20 or $50. The thread got sidetracked, but that $200 number was based on pB(for the most part.)
If pB was a multimillionaire(maybe he is), then he may feel that $10K is "standard." If he isn't, he may feel that $200 is about right/too much or too little. But that $200 number may be right in his wheelhouse without having to think about it too much.
Ok. Miscommunication.The $200 number was thrown out there but obviously it goes up and down based on means.Re expectations....I disagree. If a married couple is "expecting" to receive some serious "bank" at their wedding....join the fucking mob.Guests are there to help you celebrate...not to provide a down payment for a house(or furnish one.)
New Posts  All Forums: