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Was all of the previous communication documented?
And made more money off of them than he did in his entire career prior.
Any other pics? Overhead shot?
First...I would not try it on with a button down as I would never wear that type of jacket with one(personal preference.)Looks too big for me.
who hasn't had a thing with that chick? she gets passed around like a blunt.
Pics or it never happened.
Yes. Take more and better pictures.
^^ Totally agree. The wedding I attended had a "breaK' of several hours after the AM part(traditional Indian ceremony.) So a few of us went back to a friend's house, drank a bit, relaxed and then changed before catching a cab to the evening ceremony. The "traditional" dress is not really expected to be followed by the guests. If you want to, fine. But a suit worked for me at both.
No pocketsquare....
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