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Marcos Maidana: 'Floyd Mayweather not as good as people think' https://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/boxing/marcos-maidana---floyd-mayweather-not-as-good-as-people-think-170937719.html
If you plan to wear the shirt with a jacket/suit, retake and post pics with a suit jacket on so the sleeve length can be judged. Sleeves do look a little...something.
I like the ones who are honest."I am not on a basketball team. Not raising $ for a school trip. Just trying to make money."Just be straight up.Shit,,,it ain't that hard!
That shit had me laughing!
Don't know who she is. Is that the big tat-tat "model?"
I saw that. Funny.
Yep. But many people are still donating after the do the bucket thing.Did you see Charlie Sheen's? He dumped $10,000 over his head rather than ice water and challenged 3 others to do the same. And you have some extremely wealthy people donating:Gates/Mark Z/Oprah/JP Morgan(the company made a donation)/Lebron/Jeter/Martha Stewart/Kobe/Gaga/S Sandberg/etc. $23+ mil is actually great but not THAT much considering.
Just started:
Just started:
People are doing the challenge AND donating:Ice Bucket Challenge has raised $22.9M for ALS Associationhttp://www.nydailynews.com/life-style/health/ice-bucket-challenge-raised-22-9-million-als-association-article-1.1909266
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