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Disagree.He made it sound(IMO) like he was speaking to his son and he sensed that he was uncomfortable. When he asked his son what was the matter, his son said that "Mommy's friend Derek" was there.As a father, he may have taken that to mean that DF was smashing out the mom while the kids were home. Who knows. So he drove over to check him/the situation. Fight ensued. Hilarity followed.
They are boots. Wear whatever socks you want to. Colorful. Brown. Short. Calf length. Etc. There is no "better" choice. Re the gap..if there is no issue comfort wise, leave them as they are. Why pay to have them adjusted if there is no comfort issue? Also, men cross their legs. Socks are exposed. It happens. Don't overthink this.
I have never treated my shoes prior to first wear. Some people do. I usually polish(Kiwi polish and then brush) all my shoes appr once every week...usually on the weekend while watching TV. Some people do this more often and with various products. Do you plan to wear these shoes every day? 3-4 times a week? Or just when you are dressing up? Less frequent wear means less maintenance IMO.
Totally agree. i suggested the other thread because I thought that there may be more of a discussion for that brand there....as the posted said that there was not much here.I didn't suggest it to not include the brand here.
This souped-up watch costs $10 million http://nypost.com/2015/10/08/this-souped-up-watch-costs-10-million/
Don't need to see PBF beat him again.
I didn't say "most." Re-read.Of course your own team gets booed. This isn't nirvana. Your team doesn't perform...people boo. Simple.If you want to cheer or stay silent. Nothing wrong with that. But fans boo.
The owners don't own the players either.And part of the salary for said players come from ticket sales.Fans can/will/have and will continue to boo. This is pro sports. Not the little league.Yankess had 3 hits in that game. Should the fans given them a standing ovation when the game was over?
New Posts  All Forums: