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-Yes, it is safe at night. -Yes, it is safe to travel by subway. You will just need to make a few connections. Jump on the train from the TS area to Union Sq. Catch the L train to Lorimer. Then transfer to the G train 1 stop to Nassau and walk from there. You will be surprised at the crowds going and coming from that part of Brooklyn. Map of subway is below:
To add.....never just go with 1 fitting especially at a new tailor. Have 3-4 if possible. You could have addressed many of these issues right there and then.
Tks all for the info on the Seagull.
Bears are cutting Jay Cutler. He should land someplace pretty soon.
X-Post: Lou Duva, legendary trainer and boxing Hall of Famer, dead at 95
You can still dress very well w/o wearing a suit to work every day. Loads of threads on SF show that every day. I don't believe the BS about out dressing your supervisors, in this case. You are a pharmacist. Not an analyst looking to be a PM in a few years.
Cuban can be an idiot.
Anyone have any info on the Seagull 1963? A/P a comment(Rawa29's) in the vid above, the company does not make the 42mm re-issues. I prefer the 37.5mm(smaller wrists) but just curious about what people think about a watch that is not fully manufactured by the company as claimed. Here is the link to the discussion and a nice pic of the watch(at...
Dirk passes 30K career points. 6th person to do that! Pretty impressive company:
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