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Or think that they are "witty" like L'Incandescent...even though everyone just looks at him like.....
Ok. I missed that.Then if people in this thread are SERIOUS and not just BS-ing(until Drew makes an appearance and says that jackets will, be going out asap and get a hard-on), someone needs to find that out. I don't believe that anyone will.
Small claims. Does that include claims made by international aka non NK plaintiffs?
Really? Suppose Drew calls the Korean National Police and the "ambassador" gets arrested. Then what?Another veiled BS threat!
I have a great wallet that and ex-GF got for me for Xmas back in appr 2000. It's brand new. Very nice. I have never used it as I have my current wallet going strong. A good wallet can last a lifetime.
No.You can get a solid walled for well under $100 and it can last 15 years.One just need to take all that shit out of it and carry the basics.
Fancy shoes? That's stupid.Come on brah. Don't be "one of those husbands!"
-Charlie doesn't have to divulge what his situation is. Nor should he. Would it bother ANYONE that they have not been paid? Honestly....stupid question.-I don;t believe he was "speaking" for ToJ. I believe he was trying to help.-Action? Well...someone needs to take action instead of TALKING about it which is what many people have been doing.Is ToJ incorporated and where? Find out.Is Drew affiliated with ToJ? Find out.What regulatory body? Find out.What everyone has to...
Go black. You will be hard pressed to wear those again unless you have the proper wardrobe.
W Virginia vs Buffalo is one of the better games today.
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