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Do your good deed for the month and help the ole' bag out!
Do you know how unhealthy this is? And how stupid?THIS is why you are reacting they way that you are....NOT that she was "the one."
Try putting "Australian" in the search box above and to the right......
.....and doesn't realize that it is "TV."
Then either outfit works...though I would never wear cufflinks with chinos.
No. You should have not gone for the 2nd.
I would also ask the GF. She may say...."My dad wears shorts and a tee-shirt." Then you can lose the tie/pocket sq/cufflinks/etc and just wear the shirt/jacket/trousers.
It's Summer bro. You need to give at least a week+ notice at least.
Sleeves are too long(can be altered.)Jacket looks tight when buttoned.
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