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Doesn't your office have A/C? -Unbutton the collar and don't loosen the tie. -Get a small desk fan.
To me it seemed like it was just missing "something" to push it to that 4/5 level. 3.5/5 is probably what I would give it.
Caught this last night. It tells the true story of members of Uruguay's rugby team and how some survived after their plane crashed in the Andes mountains in 1972. Solid. 3/5.
Disagree. Depends on the setting/wedding/etc. A seersucker suit can look nice at a wedding. One doesn't have to wear navy/grey/tux to look nice.
Are you still here? For fucks sake, stop bitching.
You must be new!
Agree. But Noodles brought it up...after saying that he was done with SF..over and over again. People just responded.
Pics or GTFO....
Good look!
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