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A classic:
One of my favorite "underground" artists. She is a very talented writer/guitar player. Love her "East Side Story" album from years ago(that's how I was put on to her.)
Saw these guys last Thursday down at the Brooklyn Bridge dance party opening summer concert. Good stuff live:
I think the tie is fine....and I your look much better with lace-ups vs the loafers.
‘Mad Men’ finale: Fans debate whether Don or Peggy created iconic Coke commercial http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/tv/mad-men-finale-don-peggy-create-coke-ad-article-1.2226352 (Are people really debating this? It's a Tv show you dumb fucks!)
Tyson was also all about money(as well as being loco.) The difference is that with social media/cameras following people around/selfies/HBO and SHO pre fight shows/Instagram, etc, you just didn't see it.I did during Tyson's reign. I saw him many times at NYC clubs acting loco and flamboyant on par with PBF in his "Money" days. Maybe much more.
I have been to 2 Cotto fights:Cotto vs Zab at MSG. Electric night especially when the undercard to that fight started. My buddy and I went for some beers at the concession stand and the chants started:"Cotto. Cotto. Cotto." Then the Brooklyn chants..."Judah. Judah. Judah."I could swear that MSG was shaking. Amazing buildup.I was also at Cotto vs Margarito 2 at MSG. Not as "electric" IMO(vs the above) as Antonio only had his people rooting for him in NYC. Cotto had 90% of...
Damm....I did keep writing MMM vs MMA! My bad.
^^I am not sure that I agree with this.Love him or hate him, PBF is/has been the biggest draw in boxing for the last few years. Is Ward a likable guy with loads of skill? Yep. Can he get to the level where he will draw/attract as many fans that PBF did? Doubtful.As much as sports fans love over-achievers, they also love the villain. Tyson captivated the heavyweight/boxing landscape starting in appr 1985 because he was the big-bad-KO fighter. As he got more loco and said...
New Posts  All Forums: