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No home team has won a game so far.
Agree 100%.And why worry about what people like. You do know that you can have...like....VARIOUS types in your wardrobe...right?It's not a uniform and you are not restricted to 1 or the other(s).
I agree.It would probably be easier to let go if the person wasn't his ex friend/team mate.
If you out dress you boss and it is a one off, big deal.If you out dress your boss and are worrying about it on an online forum, then stop out dressing your boss.
Of course it doesn't make sense.But he said that they were once very good friends and he must have been upset. Especially with a new dude making his son uncomfortable. His blood pressure was probably rising on the ride to the wife's casa.
Get the black on black(soles) ones. Not that easy to tell when they start to get beat up. I have a pair that are probably 7+ years old. Look new. But I wear them maybe 3-5 times a year.
Listen....All Stars are not rugged long lasting kicks. I have had many throughout my lifetime. They do wear down. Luckily, they are inexpensive and I have many other sneakers that I can wear.
I also like your look..but reading the stipulations, it states "outerwear"......jacket or coat.I didn't take that to mean sports coat/blazer.
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