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Of course they don't "need" to. But many still do for various reasons.Outside influences. God complex. And just plain stupidity.Some rapists feel that they are not doing anything wrong especially when it is with someone familiar. Not passing judgement at all. But I don't give "high profile" people the benefit of the doubt anymore than I give the regular Joe/Mary.Just as I don't give gold-digger chicks the benefit of the doubt when they see a chance to cash in!
I know. Not sure why I wrote "j".
I posted that a while back.One of the best original shows I have seen in a while!
This has gotten good reviews. Anyone check it out yet?
This has gotten good reviews. Anyone check it out yet?
His taste doesn't change.
All I am saying is that let's not just say that J Rose is not that stupid to put himself in that position. Maybe he didn't. Maybe he did.
Huh? Why do you say that? Because he is in the NBA and is a star?So was Kobe(though not prosecuted..but he did get mixed up in something stupid.)
I read that also. AW will probably claim that he is a main attraction and refuse to do it.
If it's the final interview, you should have a feel for this already....no?
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