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You don't say what your interests are.....-Hope you have Statue of Liberty tickets via :http://www.statuecruises.com-Walk the Brooklyn Bridge from Brooklyn back towards the city.-Take some great pics of the city skyline from the Brooklyn Promenade/Brooklyn Bridge park.-St. Francis Men's Soccer Game:http://www.brooklynbridgepark.org/events/st-francis-brooklyn-mens-soccer-game-1-Check out the Brooklyn Flea's new Winter...
^ Are you 16? The girl/guy you were with 16?
Good interview...
Wedding Dress 101: Don't wait until the day before to start to scramble about a new suit/fit.
Pants look small and tight in the back.
You may be able to pull these off very casually because they look so much like the regular ones. . Any other color/style, I would not try.
Grey slacks. White shirt. Sports coat. No tie. Black or brown shoes(depending on sports coat.) Belt(doesn't have to be "designer.") Don't overthink this.
Pics please.
New Posts  All Forums: