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I will just put this out there:How could a member really take this seriously......when the response to the original post came 1 month+ later(unless there was private PM communication)?
Correct.What I was referring to was in response to the person who said that everyone is doing the challenge and NOT donating(and he could not see how any money was being raised.). I was stating that they are doing both. And many donations just came from people donating.
Is it? I stopped watching 3 minutes in....
Jacket looks great!
I don't consider those formal at all due to the color of the sole. I also would not wear them with black jeans....mainly because I don't own black jeans.
http://www.styleforum.net/t/69462/should-i-or-shouldnt-i-buy-clothing-item/38310There are also leather jacket threads.
Take more pics and repost.
Like all 3! Good stuff.
Finished this last night(Season 1.) Highly recommend! Another well done British series.
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