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I actually never heard the Precisions track above. When I listened to it, the 5 heartbeats track was what I thought of. I have "bookmarked" many of the classic songs that you have posted.
You post some great tunes! Some I never heard. Loving it!
Yep. Was just really saying that for the other poster who said that it sounder familiar.
That's sorta what I thought of when I heard the Precisions track.
Similiar to this??
Local Chinese Restaurant Calls Out Dishonest Yelper With Surveillance Footage http://sf.eater.com/2015/3/24/8285033/local-chinese-restaurant-calls-out-dishonest-yelper-with-surveillance
Don't consider a black suit....no matter where you live.
or use http://imgur.com
Saw it on a flight home from HK.It's nothing astounding. But a decent flick. It has been on for the last few weeks on cable. I didn;t feel the need to re-watch.
^^ I would put on a proper shirt and retake pictures.
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