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I have a small Tupperware garbage container and put the bags in there. They don't have to fit neatly because>>>>>>>see below>>>>>>I do this/that ^^.I don't wait for a HUGE bag to fill up. I fill/half fill up a small plastic bag and out it goes. In goes a new one. Garbage doesn't sit in my apt for more than a day or so if that. When I leave the compound, the garbage leaves.
To me that makes ZERO sense.I also just use the plastic bags that I get from the grocery, etc. I have a bigger bag with all my plastic bags in them under my kitchen sink. Haven't bought garbage bags since I moved.
I was in Ikea a few weeks ago in Redhook. Had not been since it opened several years ago.So I have the bag that they give you in-store to hold you stuff(I didn't need a cart) and walk around picking up shit.I get to the register. Girl starts to ring my stuff up and I am looking to see:A) Where the person is who will bag my stuff...B) Why she isn't bagging as she rings up stuff...C) Where the bags are so the I can bag my stuff...I saw none of those things. I asked the girl,...
Nice thread.....
Wait! People are watching that stuff?
Making Money: How Floyd Mayweather Produces Boxing's Biggest Fights http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2192887-making-money-how-floyd-mayweather-produces-boxings-biggest-fights
Verizon Wireless Offers iPhone 6 Free Trade-In Deal, But How Are Sprint and T-Mobile Competing?http://www.inquisitr.com/1465635/verizon-wireless-offers-iphone-6-free-trade-in-deal-but-how-are-sprint-and-t-mobile-competing/ [[SPOILER]]
Listen, if your current phone is in good shape and doing the job, why would you? If you are not one of those people who needs a larger screen for their phone, why would you?If it was something that you were considering for a few months, then I could see the benefit.I am also not upgrading now. I don't like the idea of a "huge" phone. My 5 is small and compact and I don't use it as a "all in 1" device."
New Posts  All Forums: