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Nice look. As I said before, the lace-ups looks better(IMO) than the loafers.
It's not $660/year in NYC...and I agree, it's not expensive to own a gun in NYC.(I know that a_y just threw that # out, but there is no yearly "fee")
There are MANY more like him. Getting caught now is a much bigger deal than then.
The front view looks 100% times better than the back! The back is a mess.
Don't consider custom clothing right now.
Start a new thread. You will get loads of recs.
I will check out Jamie Lidell tomorrow down at the Brooklyn Bridge dance party at 7!
Post some other suggestions in that color spectrum.
WATCH: New York food cart vendor rips off tourists with $30 hot dog, soda http://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/new-york-food-cart-vendor-charges-30-hot-dog-soda-article-1.2229665
New Posts  All Forums: